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A man dreams about losing his teeth

A man dreams of losing his big teeth indicates that the five elements in this dream are water, which indicates that his career will be deceived by others. Those who seek wealth should not have the idea of ​​​​fighting with others. Dreams in winter are auspicious, but dreams in autumn are unlucky.

A single man dreams of losing his big teeth, the five elements are dominated by water, and his career is subject to intrigues from others, which is a sign of unfavorable financial conditions. Those who are strong-willed will have even more trouble in their career.

Married men have unlucky dreams, which means that there will be disadvantages in their main career. If they are often entangled by others when seeking money, their wealth will not last long.

Seeking this dream for scholars, the five elements dominate water, which means good academic performance, which is a good sign. Only those who seek education can have a long-term vision and achieve success in their studies.

Those who are engaged in service, wine management and other related industries will have this dream with the five elements governing water. The main career can be helped by others. It is a sign of good luck for noble people. People who are articulate can have wealth.

Those who are engaged in management, leadership and other related industries will have many troubles in their careers if they have this dream. If they seek money and are taken advantage of by others, it is a sign of a lot of troubles.

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