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A woman dreams of losing all her teeth and spitting them out

A woman dreams of losing her teeth and spitting them out, which indicates that the five elements belong to water, which means that there may be fluctuations in the home, family relations are not harmonious, there are many quarrels with family members, and troubles in her heart. Dreams in winter are auspicious, but dreams in autumn are unlucky.

For those who seek wealth outside, it is auspicious to go north and unlucky to go south. If you are seeking wealth with people born in the year of Rat or Dragon, when the five elements of water are strong, there will be many signs of good luck in your career, which is a good omen. .

Single women will not have good luck with this dream. There will be a lot of disputes with their father at home, and their financial fortune will be unfavorable. If their career development is often entangled by others, there will be unfavorable signs in their lives.

If a married woman dreams about it, she will have many disputes with her husband's family, family disharmony, and no outside money. If she has this dream, she will be uneasy if she has a direct conflict with her family. There are quarrels between sisters-in-law, and there are many signs of being instigated by others.

Those who are engaged in performances, actors and other related industries, if they dream of losing their teeth, which is a sign of both water and fire, is a sign of intangible wealth, a lot of profits, and a horse meeting a noble person.

This dream does not go well for scholars, which means they have many quarrels with their families and it is difficult to study.

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