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Dreamed that the finger was cut off

To dream of having your fingers cut off indicates that the five elements are gold, and those who get wealth will mostly help others. People with a lot of righteousness can treat others calmly, which is a sign that they can make a difference in their career. Autumn dreams are auspicious. Spring dreams are unlucky.

If a person who is looking for money outside dreams of having his finger broken, it is auspicious to go west and unlucky to go east. If there are important investors in the near future, it is a sign of being deceived by others. There should be no quarrels with others in your career. .

This dream will not go well for a newly married woman. It means that those with a harmonious personality will get money easily, and those who make their own decisions will be misled by their cleverness.

Those who are engaged in business dealings, contacts and other related industries may have a career if they have this dream, but they will be under a lot of pressure. If they have doubts in their hearts, their careers will not go smoothly.

For those who are engaged in construction, civil engineering and other related industries, if the owner of this dream does not deal with the worldly affairs well, it means that he will be deceived by others, and it will be difficult to make money for a long time.

Those who are engaged in machinery, steel and other related industries dream of having their fingers cut off, indicating that their careers will be bumpy, and they may have direct conflicts with their bosses.

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