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What does it mean to dream about losing your teeth?

What does it mean to dream about losing your teeth? The five elements are dominated by water, which indicates that many people in the career are not handled well and there are signs of quarrels with older people.

If you dream in the spring that you have lost your teeth, have a bad relationship at home, or have difficulty getting along with your family, then there will be many uneasy things in your life, which will cause depression in your heart, and it will appear in your dream.

In summer dreams, the symbol of water and fire is a sign of good fortune. If you seek wealth, you can get help from others and have a happy career.

If you dream about losing your teeth in autumn, metal and water are in harmony, indicating that your career will be good, and you will have sincere friendship with others. This may be a sign of good luck in life, and those who seek wealth will treat each other calmly, and your career will be stable.

It will be unlucky to have this dream in winter. People with strong water in the five elements will often be deceived by others. They will have suspicions about money matters and their careers will not go smoothly. Business people will have this dream. Those who are engaged in metal, steel and other related industries will have metal and water. also.

Those who are engaged in art, philosophy and other related industries will have many disadvantages in their careers if they get this dream, and it is also a sign of bad luck for villains.