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Dream about teeth falling out

Dreaming about teeth falling out indicates that water dominates the five elements. If you cooperate with others, you may have opportunities to improve your career. If you are lucky, your career may be even better. Don’t be suspicious of others because of money matters. Winter dreams Auspicious, autumn dream is unlucky.

If a person who is seeking money outside dreams of losing his teeth, it is auspicious to go north and unlucky to go south. If you are seeking wealth with people who belong to the zodiac of Pig or Tiger, and those who are born with water and wood, it is a sign that your career will be improved. This is good omen.

A single man dreams of teeth falling out, which indicates that the five elements belong to water, which is a symbol of ambiguity, a sign of a good relationship with the opposite sex, and good luck in relationships.

If a married man dreams of teeth falling out, he will often have constant quarrels with his lover over money matters. If the family is not harmonious and outside money is not allowed to come in, and those who have trouble getting along, their life will be more unclear.

A single woman dreams of losing her teeth, which means that water dominates the five elements, and she may have good luck in her career. Those with a gentle nature will get more help from others.

Those who are engaged in finance, wealth management and other related industries will be in harmony with metal and water, and their careers will be helped by others. People who are good at management will be better at seeking talents.

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