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A woman dreams about insects burrowing into her flesh

A woman dreams of bugs burrowing into her flesh, and the five elements are gold. This dream is a symbol of Geng metal. She often has thoughts of entanglement with others in her career, and it is a sign that it is difficult to improve each other's wealth. She is uneasy and depressed. The heart comes from dreams, dreams in autumn are auspicious and dreams in summer are unlucky.

Those who seek wealth abroad will be auspicious if they go west, and unlucky if they go east. Those who seek wealth with people born in the year of Dragon or Rooster will have a delicate mind and may improve their lives.

If a single woman has this dream, the five elements belong to gold, which indicates troubles in her career, and there are many disputes with others, which means that her fortune will not be smooth, and she will be depressed when seeking money.

If a married woman dreams that she does not handle people well and has many fights with others, her career will not last long and her life will not go well.

If a lovelorn woman has this dream, she will often have arguments with villains about right and wrong. She should treat others harmoniously and not make her own decisions. Only those with a gentle personality can have good luck.

Many business people have signs of making money in catering, catering and other related industries, which is a good sign.

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