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Dreaming about fetal movement and bulge when not pregnant

I dreamed about fetal movement and bulging when I was not pregnant. If I dreamed about the Five Elements Tree, my health condition has been poor recently. I should pay attention to rest and not worry about trivial matters. Dreams in spring are auspicious, and dreams in autumn are unlucky. .

Those who are looking for money outside dream of fetal movement and bulging, which means it is auspicious to go east, but unlucky to go west. If you are seeking wealth with people who belong to the Pig or Horse, it is a sign that you can get rich through many careers. This is a good sign.

A single woman dreams about fetal movement and bulging, which means she feels uneasy in life, which means she has many troubles in her heart. Those who argue with others over trivial matters will have a hard time getting rich. Dreaming about pregnancy indicates that there will be many disadvantages in the recent career.

Although a married woman has long-term plans when she has this dream, she often shows signs of anger with her family members. Do not vent your emotions to your family members, as this will bring disadvantages to your life.

If a middle-aged woman has this dream, she will live a happy life, which is often a sign of a prosperous husband and children, and a happy family.

For those who are engaged in clothing manufacturing, art processing and other related industries, the five elements belong to wood. If this dream indicates signs of wealth, it is mostly a good omen. People seeking wealth should not do anything rash.

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