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A woman dreams that her teeth are broken into pieces and she can’t finish spitting out.

A woman dreams that her teeth are broken into pieces and cannot be spit out, and the five elements in this dream are water, which is a sign of unfavorable fortune. If you have constant disputes with older people, your life will be unhappy, and you will be frustrated in your heart. In dreams, dreams in winter are auspicious, and dreams in autumn are unlucky.

It is auspicious for those seeking wealth outside to go north and unlucky to go south. If you have this dream, you will seek wealth with people who belong to the pig and tiger. Water and wood are in harmony, and you will have good luck in your career. It is only through the help of others that improvements can be made.

If a single woman has this dream, she will see noble people sincerely helping her in her career. If she negotiates with others attentively, there will be many good omens for each other.

If a woman who has just lost her love has this dream, she will be troubled by emotional matters and her life will be unfavorable.

Middle-aged women have trouble with this dream and have constant family disputes. This is because of disputes at home. Those who have troubles will find it difficult to gather wealth and live an uneasy life.

For those engaged in art, philosophy and other related industries, water in the five elements means flowing wealth. Seeking wealth can be a sign of good luck, which is a good sign.