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What does it mean to dream about lower body bleeding?

What does it mean to dream about lower body bleeding? The five elements govern water, so this dream means Guishui. In the main career, there are many suspicions of others and intrigues with each other, which means that life will not go smoothly. People who seek wealth should not have quarrels with others. Winter The dream is auspicious, but the dream in autumn is unlucky.

If a newly married woman has this dream, she will have many troubles in her career. If she has constant disputes with others, she will have uneasiness in getting along with her, and her career will be difficult.

A single woman dreams that the five elements belong to water, which means she is a wealthy person who is good at negotiating with others, and both parties' financial fortunes can be improved.

If a single man has this dream, there are many signs of villains in his career. Those who are entangled with others will have unfavorable things for each other's wealth and will be unhappy.

The dreamer of a married woman may not handle the world well due to the sophistication of others, and those who are entangled with others may have even more disadvantages in getting along with her.

Those who are engaged in transportation, logistics and other related industries, if the five elements in this dream are water, it is an opportunity for good luck in their career, and most of them will be obtained from the help of others, which is a good sign.