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A woman dreamed that two teeth fell out and bled.

A woman dreamed of losing two teeth and bleeding, which indicates that the five elements belong to water. Dreaming of losing teeth means that she has had a lot of quarrels with her elders recently, and there are unfavorable things in her life. Dreams in winter are auspicious, and dreams in autumn are unlucky.

If a newly pregnant woman has this dream, it means that the fetus is unstable and her physical condition is unfavorable. If she has this dream, she should pay more attention to rest and avoid strenuous exercise.

A single woman dreams of water in the five elements, belonging to Xuanwu, which is a symbol of ambiguity. It means that her emotions will improve and she will get along harmoniously with the person she loves.

If a married woman has this dream, she will have many troubles in her career, but a strong person will encounter obstacles everywhere, so she should listen to the advice of others in life.

If there is an elder in the family who is sick, this dream will not go well for him. There will be a lot of family disputes. If the elder is in poor health, suffers from cardiovascular disease or cerebral infarction, he should pay attention to treatment.

For those engaged in services, transportation and other related industries, the five elements are dominated by water. Dreaming of teeth falling out indicates that you will have good luck in your career. Those who do things carefully can win the trust of others.

This dream is not going well for scholars, as it is difficult to improve their studies, their abilities are limited, and their ambitions are high but their abilities are low.

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