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A woman dreams that her hair is sparse and her scalp is exposed.

A woman dreams that her hair is sparse and her scalp is exposed. If she gets this dream, which is the main tree of the five elements, she will have unfavorable emotional signs. Although she really likes someone, she quarrels a lot with her beloved, which means that she will have trouble getting along with her. In spring, Dreams are auspicious, summer dreams are unlucky.

Those who seek wealth outside will get this dream. Going east is auspicious, and going west is unlucky. If you seek wealth with people who belong to the dragon or horse, you will have good luck in each other's careers.

A single woman dreams about not handling human relationships well, having entangled thoughts with others, and having troubles in getting along with others. If you have this dream, you should work carefully and be down-to-earth, so that it can be resolved.

For a newly married woman to have this dream, the five elements are mainly wood, which means family disputes and discord in family relationships.

This dream is not favorable for the elderly. If you dream of showing your scalp, there will be many disdainful people in the family, and you will have a lot of troubles.

For those engaged in textile, clothing and other related industries, the five elements are dominated by wood, and wood controls earth, which is wealth. If there is smooth cooperation with others in the main career, then both parties will have good luck, which is a good omen.

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