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A married woman dreams of having a bald patch of hair

A married woman dreams of a bald patch of hair, and the five elements are wood, which means that there are many unfavorable things in the relationship. Dreaming of bald hair is a sign of emotional troubles and constant family disputes. Spring dreams are auspicious, and autumn dreams are auspicious. Ominous.

Those who are seeking wealth outside will get this dream. Going east is auspicious and going west is unlucky. If you seek wealth together with people who belong to the dragon or ox, the five elements of earth are soil. If wood overcomes earth, it is a sign of good career. This is a good sign.

Single women who have this dream may gain the trust of others by doing things carefully, and they may have good fortune. People with gentle personalities may have good luck.

If a married woman dreams, the five elements belong to wood, she will have a lot of quarrels with her lover, the relationship between the two will be discordant, and there will be many troubles in life.

Those who are engaged in finance, wealth management and other related industries will have this dream and have strong financial luck. It means that they can make more money, get help from others, and improve their careers.

Those who are engaged in handicraft processing, gift making and other related industries, if they get this dream of five elements of wood, they will be able to get help from others in their main career, which is a good sign.

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