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Dreamed that the end of the hair was broken

I dreamed that the end of my hair was broken, which is the five-element wood. Having this dream is a sign of good luck in your relationship. If you are in harmony with your beloved, your relationship will be blessed by others, which is a good sign. It is a spring dream. Auspicious, autumn dream is unlucky.

If a single woman has this dream, the five elements are dominated by wood, and it is a sign that her career can be improved. Those seeking wealth should not have the idea of ​​​​making their own decisions, otherwise their career will not go smoothly.

If a married woman dreams, her master will be sophisticated and mishandled, and she will often quarrel with her lover. If others instigate a rift, the relationship between the two of you will not be harmonious, and your life will feel depressed.

If an elderly person has this dream, it is a good sign that they will be healthy and have a happy family. Those who argue with their family members will have a bad life.

Those who are engaged in transportation, logistics and other related industries will have this dream of water and wood. Food and injury will bring wealth. It is a good sign for good luck in career.

Those who are engaged in education, medical and other related industries dream of having broken hair, indicating that their career has been promoted in the near future, and they are promoted by noble people. They can get along well with others, and both of them will have good luck in their wealth.

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