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Dreaming about a knife: If you stab someone with a knife, you will lose money; if you draw a knife a

Being thrust in and out quickly by a knife is beneficial; stabbing someone with a knife will result in loss; slashing someone with a knife will result in loss of wealth; falling into the water with a knife will result in the death of one's wife and concubines. ("Dream Interpretation by Duke Zhou")

Dream hand over the knife. Dreaming of crossing swords with men and crossing swords with women are all related to Ji Chang. It is unlucky to get wealth with the male protagonist, and to get a son with the female protagonist. If you lose a child after crossing a sword, it is unlucky. ("Meng Lin Xuan Jie")

Knives are commonly used objects in our lives. They can be used as weapons, murder weapons, and for peaceful purposes. The symbolic meaning of the knife in the dream should be determined according to the specific dream.

If an official (Zhou Gong’s Dream Interpretation/) dreams of a knife, it indicates that a war or a large-scale conflict is about to break out between countries, races or households; if an ordinary person dreams of giving a knife as a gift, Giving it to relatives and friends means that the dreamer has to sever ties with the person who put the knife away. If you dream of stirring things with a knife, you may be in an impetuous mood and easily conflict with others; if a man dreams of a knife falling into the water, it means that It indicates that he may lose his wife. If the knife is stained with blood in the dream, it also indicates that disaster will soon befall him.

Of course, not all knives in dreams are a bad omen. For example, if you dream of stabbing someone with a knife, it is a bad omen, but if you are injured by a knife, it is likely to be a good omen. Dreaming about committing suicide, being stabbed by a knife, or being injured by a knife until bleeding is a bad sign.

Dream Interpretation Allusions

Wang Jun, courtesy name Shizhi, was a famous military strategist in the Western Jin Dynasty. One night, he dreamed that there were three knives hanging on the beams of his bedroom. After a while, another one was added. After Wang Jun woke up, he thought this dream was not an auspicious sign. When his subordinate Li Yi found out about it, he congratulated him: "Three swords are the word for state, and an additional sword refers to Yi. This means that your Excellency will take charge of Yizhou." Sure enough, Wang Jun soon He became the governor of Yizhou.

[Master’s characteristic dream analysis]

The above dream interpretations are general interpretations. If you need to know specific matters, you can ask a master to interpret your dreams based on your birth date and the scene when you dreamed:

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