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Dreaming about jumping off a building: there will be no harm in jumping off the building and your ca

The scene of jumping off a building in a dream indicates that the dreamer may encounter illness or difficulties. If you dream that you lost your footing and fell from the roof of a building and woke up in panic when you fell, it implies that the dreamer may have a disease or some kind of discomfort, and you should pay attention to your body in advance; if you dream of other people If you slip and fall from the roof, it indicates that the dreamer may encounter unpredictable troubles, but they will be over soon.

If you dream about jumping off a building (Dream Interpretation by Zhou Gong), you are still struggling in mid-air to prevent yourself from falling to the ground, or you are landing quickly and it is difficult to control, but there is no harm in the end, it indicates that the dreamer is facing difficulties now. However, as long as you put in enough effort, you will eventually achieve success, status or wealth. If you dream of being thrown down hard and unable to get up, it indicates that the dreamer will encounter major setbacks and lose the support of friends.

[Master’s characteristic dream analysis]

The above dream interpretations are general interpretations. If you need to know specific matters, you can ask a master to interpret your dreams based on your birth date and the scene when you dreamed:

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