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Dreaming about blood: nosebleeds on the face will lead to loss of money, and bleeding on the soles o

If someone bleeds with a knife, they will share the wine and food. If you fight with a knife and see blood, it is auspicious. If you see blood on the bed, you are seriously ill. If you moxibustion the body and see blood flow, it will be auspicious. ("Dream Interpretation by Duke Zhou")

What is blood in a dream Meaning

Dreams of red blood all over the body indicate good luck and red clothes. Regardless of whether the person who has been entrusted with this dream, is poor and lowly, is old and disabled, or has a child or daughter, will have the emperor's favor. ("Meng Lin Xuan Jie")

Blood symbolizes wealth. Generally speaking, dreaming about blood will bring good luck and wealth. For example, if you dream of drinking blood, it indicates that the dreamer will make a fortune in the near future; if you dream of bleeding into a river, it indicates that the dreamer will make a fortune. Dreaming about blood gushing out of flowers or (Dream Interpretation of Zhou Gong) cloth means that your courage and decisiveness will be praised by the people around you; if you dream of stabbing someone with a knife and then blood splashing on yourself, it means that you will pass through. If you help the person in the dream, the dreamer can get property; if you dream of blood spurting out from the head of a severed animal or person, it indicates that the dreamer can get huge property and rights, have a prosperous career, and become famous.

Of course, not all blood-related dreams are auspicious omens. For example, if you dream of blood flowing from a wound, it means that the dreamer has physical diseases and worries, and will suffer heavy losses in transactions with foreign parties. If you dream of washing your body or clothes stained with blood, it indicates that the dreamer will live in poverty due to the loss of property; if you dream of hurting the soles of your feet and bleeding, it indicates that the dreamer's subordinates will be treacherous. , the dreamer will suffer spiritual and material losses.

[Master’s characteristic dream analysis]

The above dream interpretations are general interpretations. If you need to know specific matters, you can ask a master to interpret your dreams based on your birth date and the scene when you dreamed:

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