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Dreaming about the number four: People who are in love dream about it, and they will encounter diffi

In real life, since "four" sounds homophonic to "death", it is often associated with misfortune, which makes many people feel uneasy after dreaming of "four". In fact, the number "four" in the dream does not necessarily represent misfortune, but it symbolizes that the things you encounter are in trouble because there is no reference object in reality.

Assuming that it is an ordinary person's dream, it implies that the dreamer should not stick to the rules and be brave in innovation when dealing with things.

And when solving problems, (Dream Interpretation of Zhou Gong) you should handle things with a certain degree of flexibility and don't get yourself into trouble. If it is a dream of a person in love, it implies that the dreamer has no way to continue in love. At this time, he should learn to be patient, and it should be resolved after a period of time. If it is a worker's dream, it implies that the dreamer will encounter difficulties at work. At this time, the dreamer should learn to be patient, and it will naturally be solved after a while.

Dream Interpretation Allusions

During the Jin Dynasty, there was a man named He Zhi. One day, he dreamed that mulberry trees were growing in the well, so he asked Zhao Zhi, a man who was good at divination, to divine. Zhao Zhi said to He Zhi: "Mulberry is not a plant in the well. The word mulberry is four 'tens' and one 'eight'." Composition, I think your life span may not exceed this number!" Sure enough, He Zhi died at the age of forty-eight. According to the annotation "Yidu Qi Jiu Zhuan" written by Pei Songzhi in "Three Kingdoms·Shu Zhi·Yang Hongzhuan". Sang and mourning have the same pronunciation. Later, the "sang dream" was used as a metaphor for the approaching death. In the poem "Crying Brother Jidi" by Lu Youren of the Yuan Dynasty: "If you don't think about ten days later, you should have a dream."

[Master’s characteristic dream analysis]

The above dream interpretations are general interpretations. If you need to know specific matters, you can ask a master to interpret your dreams based on your birth date and the scene when you dreamed: