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Dream Symbolism

The symbolic meaning of dreams

Sometimes dreams represent the realization of an irrational wish; other times, it may simply represent a wish. The specific symbolic meaning of the dream depends on the characteristics of the dreamer, the environment in which he lives, and his or her own characteristics. Experience is closely related.

If you are not too serious, any dream can be said to be meaningless; but if you want to be a dream interpreter, any dream symbolizes a certain result, a certain psychology, and a certain phenomenon. , some kind of behavior.

A young homosexual had two short dreams like this:

I dreamed that I had a gun in my hand with an unusually long barrel.

I dreamed that I was holding a long and heavy stick, as if I was preparing to hit someone, but there was no one around.

We see that the content of these two dreams is roughly the same, but they have different meanings. According to Freud’s theory, gun barrel and stick

Both symbolize male genitals. Then we can conclude that these two dreams express a homosexual desire. When asking about the homosexual's ideological activities in the past few days, he talked about two different events:

Before his first dream, he met a man and felt a strong sexual impulse. Before falling asleep, he fell into sexual fantasies and took the young man as his object.

Before dreaming about the stick, his first association was that he was disgusted with a certain classmate in the dormitory and thought that classmate was prejudiced against him. But because he was too shy, he dared not express his anger, and could only have a dream of intentional revenge. Another association related to the stick was that when he was 10 years old, he was disgusted with the teacher's behavior of beating another boy with a stick, and he I have always been afraid of that teacher.

The second dream expressed his homosexual desires for the roommate and perhaps the teacher he hated as a child. If the events of the previous day and the state of mind before sleep are important clues to the symbolic meaning of dreams, then these symbols must be interpreted in another way, but they have obvious similarities.

Before this homosexual had his first dream, he had homosexual fantasies, so the gun with the long barrel symbolizes Yin

Stem. Although weapons became symbols of sexual organs, this was not accidental. This symbolic form reveals knowledge about the dreamer's homosexuality. In his view, sexual intercourse expresses the desire to dominate and destroy rather than love. He had always feared that he was not manly enough, and his early guilt was caused by masturbation. He was first worried that doing so would damage his sexual organs, and later he was worried that his penis was not as good as others. He is very jealous of other men, and all of this turns into a desire to be close to men, to show his superiority in the closeness, and to use sexOrgans as powerful weapons.

During his second dream, he was very angry before going to bed, but could not express his anger. Even in his dream, he could not express it directly by dreaming of beating his roommate or his childhood teacher with a stick. kind of indignation. He just dreamed that he was holding a stick and wanted to hit "someone". His choice of the stick as a symbol of indignation was shaped by his early experiences. When he was a child, his teacher had beaten other boys with a stick, and his current hatred for his roommates was mixed with the hatred he had for his teacher in the past.

These two dreams confirm a universal principle: similar symbols can have different meanings. The correct interpretation mainly depends on the dreamer's predominant state of mind before going to sleep, which continues to exert its influence during sleep.

Not only do similar symbols have different meanings, even the same symbol has different meanings in different dreams

Yi. Sometimes the same dream can have multiple meanings. For example, dreaming about falling can have multiple meanings.

If you dream about falling, it may indicate that there is a real danger of falling in your life. For example, "I dreamed of falling from the balcony of a newly built seventh-floor apartment. When I woke up, I immediately checked the balcony railings and found that they were obviously loose." Another example is "My neighbor dreamed that his son fell from a balcony. He fell off the ladder. He checked his ladder and found that it was loose."

If a falling dream does not have this surface warning message, then the next step is to remind the dreamer of what kind of metaphorical fall the dreamer may currently be experiencing.

For example, a student who was afraid of repeating a grade due to poor grades dreamed of falling down the stairs of his college. This dream shows that he is afraid of losing his status. For another example, the wife of a power plant director had many dreams of falling immediately after her husband was promoted, which meant that she felt that she was no longer worthy of her husband. In other words, she believed that her status in her husband's heart had "plummeted". And a girl from a scholarly family had a series of unpleasant dreams about falling after living with her boyfriend. This showed that she was very guilty because she felt that she had "fallen".

It can be seen that the dream of falling is also a dream, which may mean a real fall, or it may mean repeating a grade, a decline in status, a fall, or other meanings. What exactly it means in a certain dream can only be determined based on the "context" of the dream. Where you fell in the dream reminds you of the meaning of the fall. For example, the student in the previous example dreamed of falling down the stairs of the college, which means that his "feeling of falling" was related to school, so we can guess that he was referring to repeating a grade. If the specific form of the fall is different, the meaning will be different. For example, a woman dreamed that she was lying on the bed and suddenly felt people and the bed falling like snowflakes, and she felt a little scared. We can guess from the word "bed" that this dream must be related to family or sex, because the bed is a place for rest or sex. This woman is married and does not view sex as degenerate. From this, we can infer the whereabouts of the bed in this dream, implying the foundation of the family.Instability indicates unsatisfactory marital life. The dreamer also confirmed this, saying that she indeed felt that her husband did not care about her as much as before, and she felt "lost", so the fall in this dream represented "loss".

Therefore, when interpreting dreams, we must not mechanically say "what symbolizes what", but must make specific analysis according to the specific situation


One of the important reasons why some dream interpretation books cannot be called scientific is that they simplify and absolute the symbols, so their conclusions are often wrong.

For example, in a book, there is an entry that says "bad things will happen if a house is corrupted". Generally speaking, there is some truth in dreaming about a corrupt door symbolizing bad things. The family often represents the family and oneself. Of course, the corruption of the family often represents bad things such as the decline of the family fortune. But if you make this absolute, you may make mistakes. For example, someone dreamed of an old house. The door and wall collapsed, leaving only one wall intact. In the dream, he excitedly smashed this wall with a hammer and collapsed it. According to the book, this should be a bad dream. But in fact this is not the case. After analysis by a master of dream interpretation, the meaning of the dream is that the dreamer is breaking the old self and is about to create a new self. This is a good thing.

In the dreamer's dream, the old house has long since deteriorated, but he is about to build a newer and better house. This symbol is exactly the same as decline


Superstitious dream interpretation uses a one-to-one correspondence method, and simply corresponds dream images ranging from astronomy and celestial phenomena to birds, fish, insects, cars, boats, clothing, and socks to good, bad, disaster, disease, etc.

But in the scientific dream interpretation of psychology, the meaning of each character, scene, and action in a dream is determined by the context of the entire dream. For example, the number "18" represents age in some dreams.

An old man dreamed that he went to a movie theater to watch a movie. His ticket was for a seat in the 18th row, so he wanted to find the 18th row, but he couldn't find it no matter how hard he looked. He was very anxious and worried in the dream.

In this dream, 18 represents age. The meaning of this dream is that he is very anxious about his aging age and hopes to return to "18 years old" and return to his youthful past.

However, in other people's dreams, even in other dreams of this old man, the number "18" may be a symbol of other things. Consider the following example:

A young man in a rural area wanted to work in a big city to save money. One night he dreamed that he was going to this city and the train he took was "18". The meaning of "18" here is also self-evident, "18" means to send out.

It can be seen that if we really want to understand the meaning of dreams and hope to get inspiration and enlightenment from it, then rigid explanations taken out of context will only lead to superstition. Doing so will harm both others and yourself.

If you want to know what a dream symbolizes, you must find something related to the dream.important questions and think about them. Now we list a few questions for reference only:

(1) Do you need the dreamer’s association?

(2) Can it be explained apart from these associations?

(3) What is the connection between dreams and real events, especially what happened the day before the dream?

How does (4) relate to the dreamer’s entire personality?

What is the connection between (5) and the fears and desires rooted in the character?

It can be said that every dream has its symbolic meaning. Some people deny this. Now let’s take an example to see if all dreams have its symbolic meaning:

A college student is interested in interpreting dreams. During breakfast, she told her roommate that she had a dream last night, in which she dreamed that she brought strawberries to her roommate for breakfast. But his roommate disliked eating strawberries, so the college student concluded that some dreams were meaningless.

Obviously, this dream is definitely not meaningless. Let’s analyze it. The college student brought strawberries to his roommate that he knew she didn't like, which was neither useful nor pleasing to her. Does this dream symbolize that she has a frustrated personality who loves to provide others with things she doesn’t like? Or does it symbolize the relationship between the two classmates, which contains a conflict caused by the dreamer’s personality but not noticed by herself? ? Or it symbolizes that she just reacted to the displeasure caused by her roommate the day before. In other words, she used revenge to get rid of the temporary displeasure in the dream? If there is no more knowledge about the classmate relationship with the classmate himself. Understand, then we cannot answer these questions. However, we know that this dream must have its symbolic meaning.

In order to analyze dreams clearly, we must first understand the relevant issues of the dreamer. If we can master some methods and interpret dreams by ourselves (because the person who knows you best is yourself) and see what it actually symbolizes, it will also have a guiding role for ourselves.

[Master’s characteristic dream analysis]

The above dream interpretations are general interpretations. If you need to know specific matters, you can ask a master to interpret your dreams based on your birth date and the scene when you dreamed:

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