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dream of magical power

Dream of magical power

We have a better understanding of dreams, have unveiled the mystery of dreams, and know that dreams are not uncontrollable, but the subconscious mind of people. However, many people in our country have contributed to the study of dreams since ancient times. When mysterious dreams are no longer mysterious, people still do not stop studying dreams. What is the reason? One of the main reasons is that people have discovered that dreams are not about people. Random thoughts and dreams during sleep can often reflect people's psychology. We know that the subconscious mind is different from the conscious mind. It is like a video recorder that can record what you see and hear from different angles, then analyze it, and finally transmit it to people in the form of dreams. People have found that dreams are closely related to success. What we are not saying here is a superstitious statement, but a scientific inference based on objective facts.

The most typical incident occurred on May 25, 1979, when an American Airlines jet crashed while landing at Chicago's O'Hare Airport. This is what happened:

In the spring of 1979, David Booth was working as an assistant manager at a car rental company in Cincinnati, Ohio. From May 16th to May 25th, he had a series of clear and terrifying dreams. Each time he dreamed that he was looking across a vacant lot at a building that looked like a schoolhouse. At this time there will always be a plane flying from the northeast. Mr. Booth had to focus his attention on the plane every time. There was something wrong with the plane's engine—it didn't sound right. Then, the plane will always "turn on its belly and fall into the ground." He later told this dream to a parapsychology researcher and said, "There was a huge explosion when the plane hit the ground. I can only say that the explosion was terrible, but I can't find any other words to describe it." The recurring dream was so vivid that Mr. Booth believed it was an American Airlines tri-engine jet. Between May 16 and May 25, this nightmare recurred 10 times. Mr. Booth even called American Airlines to report that his dream might indicate a plane crash. This dream made a deep impression on a representative of the Aviation Administration. He wrote down the dream and put it in a formal folder.

However, no one at the aviation agency or American Airlines knew at the time how prophetic Butch's dream would be. On May 25, 1979—the day this dream no longer occurs—an American Airlines jet crashed while landing at O'Hare Airport. It was one of the greatest tragedies in modern aviation history. An engine actually detached from the left wing of the plane, causing the plane to crash to the ground and explode into a sea of ​​flames. Some people also reported that the plane wasIt made a strange sound, as if several of its engines suddenly stopped rotating, or suddenly lost power.

It can be seen that dreams do have magical power, and they can also guide real life.

When night falls, you in life fall asleep, but the other "you" becomes extremely active in your dreams and becomes the master of the night.

Dreams are silent most of the time, making you almost forget their existence, but when you need them most, they always come forward to help you succeed!

Because some dreams do affect the dreamer's life, if you can gain insights from these dreams, you may get many opportunities to change, and sometimes you will get a chance to succeed. Some dreams often provide more insights and are often closely related to the realization of personal values. Even in a dream, you will find answers to your questions more easily.

However, the extent to which dream life affects our daily lives depends mainly on how we make good use of our dreams. Sometimes asking for help from dreams can open the door to our creativity, greatly shortening the time we spend in solving conflicts or exploring new areas in normal situations.

Many religionists and some philosophers agree that the events that occur during our day are not coincidental; they all reflect the state of our inner soul. Some people believe that these events are harbingers of good and bad luck. Others see these events as manifestations of our thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs. However, the vast majority of psychologists, psychiatrists, and mental health experts believe that we are not victims of the environment, but create the environment. In other words, we learn from our daily lives and what happens in our daily lives. In the event, we create our own experience. Of course, our self-image and beliefs about the world and our experiences all affect how others treat us and how we respond to people and situations. If we see ourselves as creators, we are in a better position to use these events as profound learning experiences.

Sometimes, in a dream state, you can also design a new training plan or a plan to improve your product. Because you can incubate dreams and ask: “How far can my design go with this new initiative?” “Let me see this product in a new light!” “How can I try to clarify this when I present next week? Convince everyone?" If you need new ideas, don't forget that you can be creative while you sleep. Because in the dreaming state, we are more adventurous and think more easily, and we allow ourselves to be more free to explore different solutions to various problems. Moreover, in the dreaming state, we are no longer distracted by sensory objects and life chores. We are focused, exploring the entire history of emotions, behaviors, and life experiences. Some dreamers have a more intense experience of dealing with aliens while sleeping; or they may gain spiritual guidance and gain a glimpse of the nature of the universe. Dreaming is not like waking upThey are very defensive, so more new ideas will emerge, their horizons will be broader, and they will be more receptive to new concepts.

Writers often get inspiration for writing novels from dreams, and painters can also get inspiration for painting from dreams. But this does not mean that you will become a great artist soon, because although we have excellent inspiration, our skills are still limited. Dreams can not help us solve everything, but mainly the problems we are currently engaged in or have the ability to deal with. For example, if a good inspiration for painting appears in your dream, then your dream producer knows very clearly that this must be something that your painting skills can achieve; or, he just leads you through a special experience. experience. Some people say that it is impossible to dream of new ideas and inventions in this field without some practical experience. Generally speaking, this makes sense.

If you are writing a book, making up a story, painting, sculpting, or engaging in interior design, decorating a house, or developing a training program at work, and you are worried about finding new ideas, why not seek inspiration from dreams? What dreams provide The creativity will surprise you. If you can't remember what the dream said on the first day, you can ask it again with the same questions the next day, and keep an open mind during the day so that you can welcome creative ideas as they arise. If you still haven’t dreamed about it over and over again, it’s probably because you’ve pushed yourself too hard. It’s probably best to put the problem aside for a few days and try again after a few days. If you want to dream about anything of interest, it is best to pay more attention to it in your daily life and strengthen your understanding of this aspect. In short, the more you invest, the more likely you are to have this dream. In other words, the activities you engage in during the day will affect the dreams you have, just as your dreams will affect your activities during the day. Again, I am not deliberately exaggerating the role of dreams. In fact, people really can Controlling one's own dreams, in other words, people can become the masters of their dreams. This will be covered later in this chapter, and it has a scientific basis.

If you make good use of dreaming, career success will become easier. Here are a few examples:

Example 1: Liu Jie has been working as a lawyer for many years. She dreamed that the administrative assistant of her friend Dr. Wang Ailing was an old woman. Wang Ailing is a well-known local physician. Liu Jie described Wang Ailing as a professional woman that she greatly admired. The clinic she opened was crowded, but she was still able to manage her time and treat patients attentively. As Roland described the old woman, she began to hear her own voice, which warned her that if she continued to practice law in the future, she would be as impatient with administrative chores as the woman was. She would rather be Wang Ailing than the administrative assistant in her dream. After much consideration and frequent exploration of her dreams, Liu Jie decided to change careers and become a mentor of a performing arts group.

Liu Jie continues to study her dreams and explore career choices. She is currently planning to study mediation law, perform mediation services, and use her legal expertise to resolve conflicts between opposing groups.

Example 2: Luo Xu is the president of a company. He is both creative and amiable. One night, he dreamed that he was driving in the left lane of the highway and a large truck was trying to squeeze him to the right. He was very nervous and wanted to brake, but found that the brakes had failed and were about to hit a large group of people crossing the intersection. pedestrian. He felt terrible when he woke up. Finally, he found that this dream helped him understand that he didn't like being positioned as a conservative (right-wing, that is, being squeezed into the right lane by a big truck) because of the financial pressure of the company (big trucks). In addition, this dream also made him realize the fact that he could not control his employees (a large group of pedestrians), which he felt terrible. In waking life, the CEO has a more direct understanding of himself. And he has the courage and confidence to express his understanding to employees, opening more doors of communication between their teams.

Example 3: Li Huali is the head of a public relations company. She is smart and has many ideas. Once, she wanted to use new ideas to attract customers to continue signing contracts. That night she dreamed of a shining golden spaceship. , this dream successfully gave her new ideas. She dreamed of many businessmen wearing green space hats and climbing into the cabin of this shining golden spaceship. Some businessmen were hanging outside the ship. They were dazzled by the golden light. Some fell down, but luckily, most of them All climbed into the golden boat.

When Li Huali was taking a shower in the morning (many important revelations in dreams occurred at this time), he kept thinking about why the shining golden spaceship looked so familiar. She seemed to vaguely think of something, what was it? Suddenly, she thought, isn't this just like a large gold pen of a certain brand? She immediately decided to send the gold pen to her customer immediately, and her customer was She is a so-called "dealer", and she hopes that the gold pen she gives will be like a magnet, attracting customers to renew their contracts. The purpose of giving gold pens is to thank customers for their support in the past year. Sure enough, many customers signed the contract immediately.

Li Huali received inspiration from her dream and finally attracted customers. It seems that dreams are really magical, but don’t be satisfied with this. There is an even more magical thing about dreams, that is, sometimes dreams really come true. We know that dreams are not all illusory. You can communicate with your dreams, and sometimes they will continue to give you some small gifts, and even give you an unexpected surprise at the right time.

Mr. Liu often has such a dream: He always dreams that he takes a train to a small county town, and then sits in the square. At this time, a young couple walks towards him, and he wakes up.

"This dream is really strange." Mr. Liu said to Mrs. Liu.

Mrs. Liu replied disapprovingly: "A dream is a dream, what's so strange about it?"

"I have dreams like this every day," Mr. Liu thought as he said, "Maybe this is a dream of getting rich."

"How to make a fortune?" Mrs. Liu said pretending to be angry: "The water pipe in the nearby store broke again, why are you still there?"Don’t you go quickly?” Mr. Liu is a plumber. After listening to his wife’s words, he went out with his toolbox.

"I have to go and take a look!" Mr. Liu made a secret decision.

Mr. Liu still had the same dream every day. Maybe Mrs. Liu was really annoyed by Mr. Liu, or maybe Mrs. Liu was doubtful. Anyway, she finally agreed to Mr. Liu going out.

Mr. Liu was neatly dressed and carrying a sandwich made by his wife. Just like in a dream, he took the train to the small county town and sat alone in the square, but no one came to talk to him. .

Time passed minute by minute, and the sun was about to go down. Just when Mr. Liu was about to lose heart, a young couple walked towards Mr. Liu. The three of them looked at each other and smiled, then relaxed. Let's chat.

While chatting, the young husband suddenly said to Mr. Liu: "Do you know? I have been having the same dream these days."

"Oh?" Mr. Liu was surprised and asked, "What kind of dream is that?"

The young husband chuckled and said, "I always dream of meeting a man here and telling him that there are many gold coins hidden under the big tree behind his house!"

The young wife looked disbelieving and asked Mr. Liu: "Do you believe this kind of dream?"

Mr. Liu was almost overjoyed, but he remained calm and said slowly: "This is nothing to believe!"

Mr. Liu deliberately looked at his watch, pretending to catch the train, and said: "Oh! I have to catch the train. See you later!"

After bidding farewell to the young couple, Mr. Liu took the last train home. As soon as he entered the house, he hurriedly found a shovel and dug soil in the backyard, regardless of what his wife said.

At this time, Mr. Liu was so excited that he had no time to explain to his surprised wife, so he just kept digging.

"What are you doing?" Mrs. Liu yelled angrily, "Look at how you made the turf look like this, you..."

"Dang!" came a crisp voice.

Mrs. Liu was stunned, and Mr. Liu restrained himself from screaming. He just said to his wife in a trembling voice: "Come and help me, we may have found the treasure!" Mrs. Liu helped Liu with doubts. The gentleman moved the box out of the cave. It was heavy. The couple were excited and surprised because they had lived here for more than ten years and never knew there was such an ancient box buried under the tree in the backyard.

The two slowly opened it and took a look, and their eyes immediately lit up!

"Oh my god!" Mrs. Liu covered her mouth and exclaimed, "It's a whole box of gold coins!"

"We are rich! We are rich!" Mr. Liu also shouted softly from the side.

It is reported that after the local government learned about this incident, they sent people to investigate the source of the box of gold coins, but there was never any clue.So, we can only infer that it was left by the owner of the house a long time ago. Therefore, this batch of gold coins can be owned by Mr. Liu and Mrs. Liu.

After Mr. Liu became a millionaire, he returned to the town to find the young couple and gave them many gifts. young husband

After listening to Mr. Liu’s words, he said in surprise: “I thought it was just a dream!”

"Yes, it was indeed a dream," Mr. Liu said slowly, "but it made my dream come true!"

Most people don’t believe the above miraculous examples. Even if some people believe it, it’s just a miracle. I have dreamed about picking up a gold ingot on my way to and from get off work. Why didn’t it come true? But about dreams Whether it is really that magical or not, I believe that you, the smart one, can get the answer based on your own personal experience. However, it is worth reminding everyone that no matter what the situation, you must be the master of your own destiny and don’t be blindly influenced by your thoughts!

[Master’s characteristic dream analysis]

The above dream interpretations are general interpretations. If you need to know specific matters, you can ask a master to interpret your dreams based on your birth date and the scene when you dreamed:

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