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Principles of dream interpretation

Principles of dream interpretation

After gaining a scientific understanding of dreams, the mysterious veil of dreams has gradually been lifted. In front of dreams, people are not as helpless as in ancient times, and they are no longer afraid of any gods spying in secret. It turns out that dreams can not only be It can be understood and controlled, and dreams are indeed different from our general imagination. Although we understand part of it, to fully understand it requires human beings to explore. On the basis of current understanding, we can make full use of this free resource to serve ourselves. To do this, we also need to master some methods of dream interpretation so that you will not misunderstand what dreams mean to you.

In addition to determining whether a dream report is trustworthy, we also determine whether a dream interpretation is reliable or accurate. When a dream interpreter interprets a dream, don't we also ask him: "You said your interpretation is correct, on what basis?" Now, before talking about the method of dream interpretation, we still need to master the judgment of a dream first. Explain the principles for judging whether it is correct or incorrect.

First of all, the interpretation itself should have no inherent contradictions and should be able to explain at least part of the content of the dream.

If the interpretation of the dream cannot be self-explanatory and reasonable, even most of the content of the dream cannot be explained. No one would believe this explanation. It would be better if an interpretation could explain the meaning of all the details of the dream. Such as the following dream of Ms. Feng:

"In the summer, I was walking down the street, wearing a strange-shaped straw hat. The middle part curved upward, and the brim part hung downward, and one side hung lower than the other. I was in a happy mood and full of confidence. As I walked past some young officers, I thought to myself: You can't do anything to me."

The master of dream interpretation explains it this way: "The hat is actually the male reproductive organ, with the middle part bulging and the two sides drooping. Her hat should probably be especially assumed to be that of a man, and eventually a person will say: 'Get under the hat ', (in German) it means to get married... because if her husband has such good genitals, she has nothing to fear from the officers. "Flo. Ide's explanation of this dream is very good, it can be completely self-explanatory, and all the details are explained, and the explanations of each detail can also be connected with each other.

A whole. The hat is a genital, which explains why the hat has a bulge in the middle and drooping sides. The phrase "None of you can do anything to me" in the dream means that the officers cannot seduce her. This can be perfectly connected with the previous explanation of hats. Therefore, we say that this explanation has a certain degree of reliability.

However, just meeting this principle does not mean that this explanation is necessarily correct. oneA good explanation should also satisfy the second principle.

The interpretation of dreams should be able to explain the relationship between dreams and stimuli or life events other than dreams, and be able to infer or predict these stimuli or life events. Good dream interpretation can infer or predict unknown content. Still taking Freud's interpretation of the "hat" dream as an example, there are two reasons why Freud firmly believes that his interpretation is correct:

First, Ms. Feng who had this dream had agoraphobia, and she was worried that she would be tempted by men when she went out alone. The theme of the dream is: "If my husband's genitals are intact, I will not be afraid of temptation." Apparently the theme of the dream was closely related to the agoraphobia with which this woman was now suffering.

Second, according to the explanation, the brim of the hat should represent the testicles. In the dream, one side of the hat's brim hung lower than the other, and Ms. Feng later

It was confirmed that one of her husband's testicles was indeed lower than the other.

This kind of external evidence is very convincing. Everyone has this experience. If the dream interpreter can infer one thing about the dreamer through the dream, the dreamer will trust his interpretation.

For example, a woman said that she had had the same dream many times a few years ago, dreaming that she was catching a train, and when she arrived at the train station, the train had just left. The dream interpreter told her that maybe she was facing an opportunity at that time, and she was very worried that she would not be able to catch up with this opportunity. When the dream interpreter asked her if she was facing an opportunity or turning point to change her destiny, she said:

"Yes, I am planning to go to Shenzhen to work. A classmate went to Shenzhen and told me that it is very good there, but I am worried that I have missed the opportunity. There are not many employment opportunities in Shenzhen." At this point, she added She said: "Now I know what this dream is about. At that time, I thought this dream was unlucky and hated it. I didn't even want to wear the clothes I wore in the dream again..." The dream interpreter interrupted her. If you ask, say: "Does the dress you wore in the dream have any special symbol? Let me tell you, every detail in the dream has meaning. If you noticed that you were wearing this dress in the dream, it means that this This piece of clothing must be related to your desire to go to Shenzhen. Otherwise, you wouldn't dream about it." She thought about it and suddenly said: "That's right.

That dress was given to me by a friend of mine in Shenzhen. "Then she said: "You explained it so accurately!"

Furthermore, after listening to the dream interpreter's explanation, the dreamer should feel that this explanation makes sense, and even feel a sudden enlightenment. Although the dreamer cannot interpret his dream, he can "intuitively" judge whether a certain interpretation is correct. Therefore, if the interpretation of the dream is accurate, the dreamer will say: "Yes, your explanation makes sense", or "I understand." Sometimes, the dreamer will have a feeling of enlightenment and tell you: " I totally get it, it’s so right.” At this time, the dreamer will firmly believe in this interpretation.

This is because the dreamer subconsciously knows the answer, but he cannot let the answer enter.Just enter consciousness. Once the correct interpretation appears, the dreamer can immediately experience it.

However, there are also cases where the dreamer firmly disagrees with an explanation after hearing it and opposes the correctness of the explanation. This does not mean that this explanation is necessarily wrong. If the dreamer is in a calm mood when objecting, then this interpretation may indeed be wrong. However, if the dreamer is overly emotional and denies it too fiercely when objecting, then this interpretation is correct. This shows that this explanation hits the dreamer's heart, uncovers his scars, and reveals the inner facts that he dare not face in the dream.

The dreamer realized that this interpretation was correct, so he was afraid to let others see his heart, and he did not dare to face his own heart. Out of fear, he vehemently rejected this explanation.

[Master’s characteristic dream analysis]

The above dream interpretations are general interpretations. If you need to know specific matters, you can ask a master to interpret your dreams based on your birth date and the scene when you dreamed:

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