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How to interpret dreams

How to interpret dreams

After knowing the principles of whether dream interpretation is correct or not, let’s talk about the four methods of dream interpretation:

1. The method of interpreting dreams in one sentence. This method is suitable for simple dreams, and if you understand the symbols in the dream, you can easily understand the meaning of this symbol in the dream, and you can use the one-word interpretation method. Dream Interpretation. Tell the dreamer exactly what you understand the dream to mean, ask him if he is right, and verify your interpretation. If it is correct, the dream interpretation is initially completed. If it is not correct, it will be reinterpreted.

For example: An old woman in her 50s told her dream: "I dreamed of abdominal pain, and later I found a switch button on my waist. As soon as I turned off the button on my waist, my abdomen wouldn't stop. It hurts.”

Everyone with life experience or life experience knows the meaning of this dream, but this meaning is not consistent with her age. Later, the old woman explained that she had it more than 20 years ago. At this time, the dream interpreter You can give her a clue: "This dream heralded the arrival of her menopause at that time, and she was about to go through menopause."

Another example:

There was a little girl. When she was a child, she dreamed that a man had a stone-shaped head, and he hit her head with the stone head, making holes in her head. Later, her head also turned into a stone. Shape.

This dream is also relatively simple. A stone head symbolizes a stubborn, blunt and indifferent character. Hitting the head means injury. The meaning of the dream is that when she was a child, there was a person who had a stubborn and indifferent personality, and this person often hurt her. Being hurt like this often made her character stubborn and cold. When using straightforward dream interpretation steps, you can add some reasonable inferences based on your understanding of the dreamer. For example, the above dream can be interpreted like this:

Among her family members, there is one person, possibly her father or mother, who is a stubborn, cold and ruthless person. She was often reprimanded or scolded, so she felt very painful. She had to make herself cold and numb

Wood is like turning a flesh and blood head into a stone head. Then she found that she had become that kind of stubborn and indifferent person. This character still deeply affects her, making her feel that she cannot be happy in life, it is difficult for her to establish close relationships with others, and her friendships and relationships are not smooth. In her mind, she believed that all this should be attributed to her childhood experience and her parents (since she still remembers this dream, it can be seen that this matter still has an impact on her. The specific impact can be inferred based on psychological knowledge).

If the situation is verified and it is completely correct, the little girl will definitely accept your explanation.

The advantages of clear-cut dream interpretation are:

The dreamer can convince the dream interpreter. The dreamer only tells a short dream, and an experienced dream interpreter may tell you about his current psychology, current living conditions, childhood experiences, marital status, personality and many other aspects. This will surprise the dreamer and convince the dream interpreter. In this way, the dream interpreter's further analysis of the dreamer's psychology and the suggestions made by the dream interpreter can be easily accepted by the dreamer.

We know that dreams do have meaning, but some people don’t think so. A middle-aged man didn’t think so. He said: “What a dream

What’s the point? I tell you a dream, how can you understand my psychology?”

"Once, I dreamed that a leader came to our house to find me, and I asked my child to buy 2 bowls of noodles. We chatted while eating. He also analyzed the economic situation for me." When the dream interpreter asked He, when did you have this dream? He said not long ago.

This can be analyzed in a nutshell. The dream interpreter said: "This dream can be summarized as being poor and happy. On the one hand, you are dissatisfied with your current social status and economic situation (treating guests to buy 2 bowls of noodles), and on the other hand, you have high self-expectations (leaders come to you) Looking for him). Your wife is very dissatisfied with you and thinks you are high-minded and low-handed, so she may have left you (this is the inference of the dream interpreter). Moreover, you also shape your children according to your requirements and do not care about them. Needs and desires let the child go, but by only buying 2 bowls of noodles, you think you are not in great pain because you always have a way to resolve it."

This clear statement obviously had an effect on him. After the meeting, he told the dream interpreter: "Actually, I am also in pain. I have no career or family."

Another advantage of telling the truth is that it can break through the dreamer's psychological defenses. Many people are secretive about their inner psychological conflicts and contradictions and try their best to hide them from others. And sometimes without uncovering these inner secrets, his psychological conflict cannot be solved

Solved. In this case, if those who know how to interpret dreams and use psychological counseling can use the one-word explanation method, they can break through the cover-up of the dreamer and reveal the problem in his heart. On the contrary, if the dream interpreter's process is very slow and the dream interpreter interprets a little bit of the dream and asks the dreamer if he is right, the dreamer will have the opportunity to build a defense so that what is in his heart is not exposed. This is like an interrogator suddenly taking out key evidence when interrogating a prisoner, so that the prisoner is caught off guard and exposed. If the interrogator takes out the evidence bit by bit, the prisoner will have time to make up lies. In psychological terms, the one-word solution is helpful to break through the obstacles of those who inquire about dreams.

People's psychological conflicts and psychological problems are mostly ineffective efforts to solve some kind of pain. For example: There is a patient who is forced to wash his hands. In his subconscious mind, washing his hands repeatedly can wash them away. "I once had an impulse or behavior that I shouldn't have done." But in his mind, he could give a seemingly logical explanation for his forced hand washing. The most common explanation was fear. Worry about bacteria remaining on dirty hands.

In order not to touch the source of pain, people's subconscious will set up numerous defenses to prevent their consciousness from touching the pain. There is a patient with obsessive-compulsive disorder. His obsessive-compulsive symptom is repeated hand-washing. "What should be washed away, should be washed cleanly" is this

The meaning of a compulsive behavior. In his mind, his concept is to wash away the dirt on his hands, and he thinks that the dirt cannot be completely washed away easily. But the reason why this behavior becomes a compulsive behavior is that subconsciously, he still has something (ideas or experiences or wishes) that he wants to get rid of. And this thing that the subconscious wants to get rid of is the root of the disease.

However, obsessive-compulsive disorder has a rather strict logical chain or even system. His logical chain or system is like a team of defense masters with quick reactions, which makes every attempt in psychotherapy to explore the crux of the problem have to be blocked. Therefore, it is very difficult to treat obsessive-compulsive disorder. At this time, the dream interpreter, if the dream and dream analysis can go directly to the root of the problem. This can avoid the tug-of-war and stalemate in treatment.

What exactly is it that needs to be cleared out of the dreamer’s subconscious? During a conversation therapy session. A dream he told told the dream interpreter the answer:

"My home is on the stairs of the middle school building. I was with a foreigner, and I found him stealing my notebook. At that time, I realized that he might be a spy. He looked very proud and told me I said, 'You're done,' and it seemed like he had stolen my digital camera. I was scared, thinking that the police chief, who looked like my mother, was going to be locked up.

Me. If I were imprisoned, I would be isolated because no one would care about imprisoned people. Later, I was playing on a bridge with a female classmate. She seemed to dislike me and pushed me off. I found that I had not fallen into the river, but into a deep, wet hole. Many rats were scurrying around to bite me. ”

After making one or two simple associations, the dream interpreter gave a concise explanation of his dream:

"You had same-sex sexual behavior in middle school, but you were a passive participant. You were very scared and panicked about this kind of behavior. You also wondered if there was something wrong with you that caused this kind of thing to happen. Do you think women Including your mother will dislike you because of this, and you will always be trapped in homosexual behavior."

His face turned red and he kept rubbing his hands together, as if he was trying to rub something off. Slowly he raised his head, his eyes filled with sorrow. "Can I still be saved?" he asked eagerly.

Finding the core of the problem through a dream can make the progress of psychological counseling go more smoothly. However, the one-word explanation method also has shortcomings: the dream interpreter needs to have rich experience in dream interpretation and psychological counseling. If the dream interpreter is inexperienced, it will be easy to make wrong inferences, which will make the dreamer not trust the ability of the dream interpreter. . Furthermore, if the dream interpreter makes a mistake

Explanation and this errorThe explanation itself makes sense. It is very self-explanatory, and the dreamer may believe this wrong interpretation, but the true meaning of the dream will not be explained.

What we call experience is just some generalized rules. Not every fresh and vivid dream example will conform to the dream interpreter's existing experience. Moreover, the dream interpreter sometimes has his own projection of the dream's understanding. , dream interpreters who are themselves sexually repressed are more likely to interpret a dream as a sexual dream. We know that Freud himself interpreted countless dreams throughout his life, and he had a lot of experience. But he still tried his best to let the dreamer free associate as much as possible to ensure that his interpretation of the dream was correct. Otherwise, a crude explanation will only mislead the dreamer, and also mislead the dream interpreter himself.

Some people who just learn to interpret dreams often make hasty judgments. Look at the example below of Xiao Li who made such a mistake

1 day:

Xiao Li has been learning dream interpretation for a short time. Because of his high understanding, he has made rapid progress. One day, a friend of hers came to see her. "Have you had any dreams lately? Let me analyze them for you?" Xiao Li said proactively.

Xiao Li’s friend told her such a dream:

"I was sleeping on the bed with a classmate from elementary school. I found that girl was very beautiful and touching, so I couldn't help but kiss her."

When Xiao Li heard this, she thought she understood the meaning of this dream very well, so she hurriedly gave the answer. "Judging from this dream, you have obvious homosexual tendencies." Xiao Li said with certainty.

Xiao Li’s friend was startled. This analysis touched a sore spot for her. It turns out that Xiao Li's friend Xiao D has been married for two years, and her relationship with her husband has never been good, especially in terms of sexual relations. The reason is that Little D's husband thinks she is unfeminine, and she herself has always felt that it is more pleasant to get along with people of the same sex.

"Maybe it's true that I have homosexual tendencies but I don't know it. That's why I can't have a good relationship with my husband and the opposite sex, so I prefer to be with friends of the same sex." Little D agreed with this explanation and concluded with the dream To explain one's life based on the premise.

It didn’t take long for Little D to start seriously paying attention to reports on homosexuality, thinking about the phenomenon of homosexuality, and deliberately paying attention to the channels to enter the homosexual circle.

At that time, Little D's emotional life was in trouble, and her instinct to get out of trouble made Little D grab any one that she thought could be solved

The path to the problem. Therefore, "I identify myself as having homosexual tendencies" is like a psychological suggestion, which will lead Little D to get out of the current psychological dilemma, but the real problem is not solved, and he just walks from one dilemma to another.

Little D found a famous dream interpretation master with "the confusion of whether I am gay or not." The master of dream interpretation free-associated her dream and combined it with the analysis of her psychological test to know that she had no homosexual tendencies. The true meaning of her dream is: I feel that I am not feminine enough, and she wishes she could be moreBe more feminine. The classmate in the dream, after free association by Xiao D, is a very feminine, gentle woman who is very popular with the opposite sex. In this dream, Little D hopes to be like her. The characters who appear in the dream are all part of the dreamer's own personality, but this part is suppressed and therefore does not often show up in the dreamer's personality. Therefore, Little D dreamed of that feminine classmate, indicating that she has a very feminine side in her personality, but this side has always been suppressed. The significance of this dream is that the primitive man told Little D to integrate her with this side of her personality.

Dream interpreters are often able to justify their explanations, and relying solely on "explaining the truth in one sentence" obviously cannot achieve this effect. They have other methods, which often help to avoid the embarrassment of being exposed on the spot.

Sometimes complex dreams can also be explained in one sentence. For example, if you are very familiar with the dreamer's life, personality, and experience, or you are interpreting your own dream, then even if the dream is very complicated, you can still explain it in one sentence. Consider the following example: A young man did not know much about dream symbolism, but he analyzed a more complex dream of his very well.

"I was sitting in a subway train, and the subway was speeding. I suddenly realized that I didn't bring enough fare, only 5 cents, so I was worried about how to solve the problem of buying tickets. Suddenly I saw a classmate from the same class was also in the car. When I greeted him, he said, "I only have 5 cents!" I had no choice but to stand aside. At this time, the first stop arrived, and someone shouted: "Team XX, get off!" Many passengers in the carriage got off. At this time, I looked through the window and saw a Guangzhou bus at the station (this classmate was from Guangzhou). It seemed that it was waiting to pick someone up. The subway continued to run, and then the classmate on the bus brought it. There was a stack of various tickets, and he gave me two tickets and walked away. I wondered where these tickets came from. A female steward came to check the tickets and took them away after a while. She came with two tall men, and the two men immediately surrounded me, while the woman guarded the car door. Soon I reached the station where I wanted to get off, but I couldn't get out..."

Since it was his own dream, the young man made an analysis easily: "In the speeding subway" means in the speeding subway

Study life in Beijing, because subways are very common in Beijing.

"Not bringing enough money for the car" means that the physical fitness is not up to standard and it is difficult to pass the physical examination and graduate from college smoothly


"Classmate XX didn't bring enough money either, he only had 50 cents like me." Classmate XX also often fails in physical education. Here it is a symbol of failing in physical education. "Only 5 cents" means that you can only take the test for 50 points.

"The first station, the bus at the station" was not analyzed. "That classmate brought a fake ticket." That classmate once talked to the dreamer about finding someone to pretend to take the physical education test instead.

“After the fake ticket was discovered, two tall men surrounded me and a woman guarded the door, making meI couldn't get off the bus at my destination stop. ”

The tall man symbolizes the physical education teacher, "surround me" symbolizes not letting go, and "the woman is holding the car door." I have the impression that all the teachers in charge of student administration in the school are female teachers. If you cheat in an exam, you will be punished by the teacher in charge of administration. I can't graduate. There is no way to leave the university, which is the subway. This is a good dream interpretation.

Sometimes, you have a general understanding of the meaning of a complex dream, but some details are unclear. You can use intuitive dream interpretation.

A boy dreamed: "My father and mother were sent to a mental hospital. My brother sent them there. My father unlocked the car and escaped with my mother and me."

"Sent to a mental hospital" means treating them as if they were crazy. Unlocking a car means breaking free from confinement, and "escaping" means getting away secretly. However, generally speaking, his brother is unlikely to confine his parents as mental patients, and her parents do not have to escape secretly to escape his brother's control. According to the experience of dream interpreters, dreamers often use their parents to represent themselves and their friends of the opposite sex. Therefore, it can be inferred that this boy now has a girlfriend, and he likes her very much. Even in the eyes of people like his brother, she is " Love her like crazy. It is estimated that his brother is a conservative, serious person with a strong sense of authority, and the dreamer is a little afraid of him. The dreamer secretly opened the confinement on himself and escaped from the restriction with the girl. Perhaps, he had sexual contact with his girlfriend in private.

The boy was surprised when the dream interpreter gave his explanation, because he had never told anyone about his girlfriend, even

The dream interpreter doesn’t know either. Surprised, he explained details unknown to the dream interpreter.

Sometimes, as long as you point out the parts you understand and tell them intuitively, the dreamer will suddenly realize that he can almost understand the meaning of the entire dream. A man told one of his dreams: "I dreamed that XX was dead and wrapped in There was a white cloth. Suddenly he raised one hand, and I realized that it was my wife..." At that time, the dream interpreter did not understand the meaning of this dream. So I just made a general "clarification": "Don't worry, this is not a bad omen. This is a dream about your and your wife's values ​​​​on certain issues. XX represents an old value. The old value died, so your wife came back to life. Unexpectedly, the man replied: "I understand, I know exactly what this dream is talking about, you don't need to explain it. ”

2. The layer-by-layer peeling method of dream interpretation is to proceed in the order of the dream, either starting from the most eye-catching part of the dream, or starting from any part; sometimes the dreamer has an impression of a certain part The most profound one can start from this part. Sometimes a certain part is easier to break through, and you can start from that part.

Generally speaking, peeling off bamboo shoots layer by layer is a safer and more reliable method. It is less prone to errors because this method draws conclusions after collecting all kinds of evidence. This is not like telling the truth in one sentence. It can only be understood from very few details.

Draw many conclusions.

Therefore, peeling bamboo shoots layer by layer does not have that dramatic effect. Sometimes the dreamer already understands the meaning of the dream before the interpreter reaches a conclusion. This situation is sometimes a good thing. The dreamer has come to a conclusion himself, which makes him believe it more, which helps him improve his understanding of himself. But sometimes this is not a good thing. If the dreamer is afraid that others will understand him, he will stop talking about the dream at this time to prevent the dream interpreter from understanding him.

The step of peeling off the bamboo shoots layer by layer is: Divide the dream into parts, explain and verify each part part by part, understand the background material while explaining, and let the dreamer make associations while explaining. Applying this method to interpret dreams, the entire dream interpretation process is a process in which dream interpreters cooperate to find the meaning of dreams.

The layer-by-layer peeling method is most suitable for analyzing dreams that are difficult to understand.

A 28-year-old lawyer told a psychologist about a dream he had: "I saw myself sitting in an Audi car, inspecting groups of soldiers. They all cheered me wildly. "Pay tribute", the psychoanalyst asked: "What do you think this means?"

The lawyer replied: "It makes no sense, because I hate war and the army, and I don't want to be a general, nor do I like to be the center of attention, being stared at by thousands of soldiers, cheering or not cheering. You start from what I tell you. Regarding professional difficulties, I know how difficult it is for me to stand in court and defend a case in front of everyone. ”

Psychoanalyst: "Yes, this is true, but it does not negate the fact that this is your dream, the plot you wrote and the dream in which you play a certain role. No matter how obvious the contradiction is, this paragraph The dream must have some meaning and must mean something. Now tell me what you were thinking about when you dreamed about the Audi and the army cheering."

"It's funny, now I see a picture that I loved very much when I was fourteen or fifteen years old. It is a portrait of Napoleon. He is riding on a white horse, galloping in front of the army. It is very similar to the dream, except that there is no army Cheers to him."

"This is an interesting memory. Tell me more about your love for this painting and your interest in Napoleon." The lawyer recalled that when he was fourteen or fifteen years old, he was shy, weak, and afraid of a boy. He liked the boy very much and invited the boy to his home for a microscope, but he was rudely and contemptuously rejected. He was annoyed and thinking. From then on, he read books about Napoleon feverishly, collected Napoleon's paintings, and fantasized about becoming Napoleon all day long. Until after entering university

Only overcame hero worship and fantasy.

The psychoanalyst said: "You forget it, but the other you, the other one who determines many of your actions and feelings and is well hidden during the day when you are awake, still wants to be famous and wants to be praised. , want to have power, the other one spoke in your dream last night. But why did you have this dream last night? What was important about yesterday?"

"Nothing, blandstrange. I go to the office to work, gather some information, have dinner, watch a movie, and then go to bed. ”

"This doesn't explain why you take the Audi at night. Please tell me more details, such as what you did in the office."

"Oh, I remember... But it can't have anything to do with the dream. ... Well, I'll tell you in detail. When I went to see my boss, who is the majority shareholder of the law firm, I acted for him Gathering legal information, he discovered that I had made some mistakes. He looked at me sternly and said, 'I was really surprised. I thought you could do better than this.' At that moment, I was shocked, and an idea occurred to me. It crossed my mind that I didn’t want to be fired because I thought he would never keep me again

Use. But I told myself it was just random thoughts. Everyone makes a little mistake. I had forgotten about it that afternoon. ”

"How did you feel afterwards? Did you feel uneasy or a little depressed?"

"No, not at all. On the contrary, I was just tired and sleepy. I found the work very strenuous, and was delighted when I came to confession at the end of the day away from the office."

"Then the last important thing is to go to the movies.

"Yes, I enjoyed this film. In fact, I even cried."

"Why are you crying?"

"First I cried because of the poverty and suffering of the main character in the film, and then because of his victory. I can't remember ever seeing a movie that moved me so much."

"Then you go to bed, fall asleep, and see yourself sitting in an Audi, being cheered on by the military. You dreamed this because you were shy, shy, and unpopular as a child. From before It can be inferred from clinical experience

This is largely due to the influence of your father, who is proud of his success, but is so inaccessible to you, has no affection, and does not know how to encourage you. The incident you mentioned today, about being rejected by a boy, is just far-fetched. Your self-esteem was already deeply wounded, and this episode only added fuel to the fire, making you even more convinced that you would never achieve anything like your father, that it would never amount to anything, and that you would always be rejected by the people you admired. . What can you do? You have no choice but to escape into a fantasy of achieving something you think you can't achieve in real life. In that fantasy world, no one can enter, and no one can deny that you are Napoleon, a great hero, approved and respected by millions of people and, perhaps most importantly, yourself. As long as you retain these fantasies, you can avoid the pain that arises from your sense of inferiority when you come into contact with an external reality other than your own. Then you went to college. Begin to rely less on your father and feel somewhat satisfied with your studies, feeling that you can start over and have a better foundation. In turn, you feel ashamed of your 'childish' dreams, so you no longer do it.Dream; thinking that you are on your way to becoming a man... However, as we have seen, there is something self-deceptive about this new confidence. You are so scared before every exam. Do you think that as long as there are other men in the world, no girl will really care about you?

Afraid of criticism from your boss. Let’s look at what happened on the day you dreamed. What you tried so hard to avoid happens again - your boss blames you. You start to feel that old feeling of inferiority again, but you put it aside. Instead of feeling restless and frustrated, you feel tired. Then you watch a movie, and it touches your old dream. The hero on the screen was a young man who was despised and did nothing, and then became a praiseworthy and admirable savior of the country. You regard yourself as that A hero that everyone admires and cheers for is just like the daydreams you had when you were young. ”

After an analysis like peeling bamboo shoots, the lawyer finally understood that he had not really given up his previous behavior of retreating into the fantasy of glory. He had not burned the bridge that led him back to the fantasy kingdom. When reality is disappointing and terrifying, we begin to retreat into fantasy. However, if he does not understand this fact, it will create the danger that he is very afraid of, making him still childish and naive, making him unable to mature, and unable to accept adults and new people.

3. Mixed dream interpretation methods: The one-word explanation method and the layer-by-layer method of peeling off bamboo shoots are two extremes, and dream interpreters mostly use a mixture of these two methods in actual dream interpretation. That is to say, the dream interpreter explains the meaning of certain parts of the dream in one sentence, thereby inspiring the dreamer and allowing the dreamer to express relevant events, thoughts, etc. Then the dream interpreter uses this as a basis to explain another one.

Part, or let the dreamer understand the meaning of another part by himself through association.

A girl had a dream like this: "My mother and sister and I took the subway. After we got off the train, we found that there were two roads. One led to an arch with a security door. There seemed to be green leaves behind the security door, and the other Leading to the train station..."

Dream interpreter analysis: "Taking the subway here symbolizes your life with your mother and sister. After getting off the train, you find that there are two roads that refer to the life choices you are facing now. These two roads in the dream symbolize you. There are two roads in life. There are arches, security doors, and green leaves on the first road. The security doors symbolize obstacles, indicating that there are obstacles on this road. So, which road does this refer to in your actual life? ”

"I want to point out the way to go abroad. The security door means that it is difficult to go abroad. The arch reminds me of an airport. As for the green leaves, I remember my father said after he went abroad that the greenery abroad is very good. Leather shoes can be left clean for a week and they will still look good. The light impressed me deeply."

"So the train station means in China, right? Because taking the train is common in China."

"Yes, we went to the train station... and then we came to a place, like a hotel lobby. We ate in the lounge. We ate salted peanuts. Mine.My boyfriend ate chicken wings and vegetables. My sister exchanged a plate of peanuts, which was a bit bigger, but they were placed on the tablecloth to eat without a plate. Two girls wanted to exchange the peanuts, but they wouldn't change them. They wanted to exchange the peanuts, but they thought they were dirty. ..."

Dream interpreter analysis: "The rice you eat represents the standard of living. Salted peanuts represent a lower standard of living. Your boyfriend can bring you a higher standard of living, chicken wings and vegetables..."

"It's not very high. In my dream, I dreamed that someone was drinking, which means a higher standard of living."

"Yes, your sister wants to change her partner, but you think it's just a change to a bigger plate of peanuts. Of course, some people want to change but can't! But you still think she wants to change to a better boyfriend. You don’t want to do this kind of thing because it’s ‘dirty’ and violates your moral standards.”

The girl finally admitted: "It's really like this..."...

In fact, the key to dream interpretation is to apply it flexibly rather than sticking to a certain method. When you are proficient in using it, you don't need to think about the method in your mind for actual dream interpretation. You can change the dream interpretation steps at any time according to the situation at that time.

[Master’s characteristic dream analysis]

The above dream interpretations are general interpretations. If you need to know specific matters, you can ask a master to interpret your dreams based on your birth date and the scene when you dreamed:

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