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Dreams are a harbinger of unknown psychology

Dreams are a harbinger of unknown psychology

Human beings' subconscious is extremely wonderful. It connects to the past and points to the future. It is a harbinger of the unknown. Dreams reveal the tip of the subconscious iceberg, giving us a glimpse of the future. Dreams are actually harbingers of unknown psychology.

After falling asleep, the activity of some organs (including sensory organs) can trigger dreams. The content of dreams is related to our expectations, intentions, worries and other psychological trends. Dreams are subconscious phenomena. Dreams will show symptoms of the subconscious. Dreams are the exposure of the subconscious. The subconscious can be understood as the shadow of the soul. When the soul chooses something, the shadow will make consistent or opposite actions according to the original body - this is why dreams have negative and positive dreams. Dreaming about things that do not exist at all shows the overflow of personality. Dreams are the reference in life. Although the subconscious mind is controlled by the conscious mind, reality will make the subconscious mind come up with the most correct approach. When the dream begins, there is no control. It can even be understood that people live in two worlds, reality and dreams. The way to understand and decipher dreams is to use subconscious thinking to think about it all. Dreams are all around us. If we want to use dreams, we must first understand it, contact it, and intervene in it, and then we can make good use of it.

Sometimes, people find that the scenes in their dreams will appear in reality, as if they have predicted what will happen. In fact, such dreams are also called "precognitive dreams", which is incredible for humans. One of the potentials.

A woman dreamed that she met her long-lost brother in front of a certain store on a certain street. The next morning, she went shopping and met him right there, as if the dream was replaying itself. This is a typical "precognitive dream".

There is a mysterious connection between brothers and sisters, which is hidden in the subconscious. Dreams are a window into the subconscious. Through this "window", this mysterious connection will appear, allowing separated relatives to meet in the same place.

Dreams, this wonderful "window", not only reflect the mysterious spiritual connection between people, but also reflect subconscious forward thinking and subconscious insight.

There is a psychiatrist who likes to read medical magazines. That night, after reading an article about stroke, he dreamed that his father fell to the ground, with a white face and dark lips, clenched teeth, clenched hands, and convulsed limbs, unable to scream no matter how hard he screamed. The doctor had a dream about his father having a stroke and couldn't let it go for a long time after he woke up. Early in the morning, the doctor was about to call home to ask how his parents were doing. Unexpectedly, the phone rang. The doctor's mother told him the bad news that his father had woken up in the morning.I had a stroke.

This dream is actually a manifestation of "subconscious forward thinking". Humans are creatures with "subconscious forward thinking". For example, science fiction writer Asimov described the "space walk" quite accurately in 1952, 13 years before the actual space walk. Before falling asleep, the doctor read an article about stroke, which mentioned that obesity can cause stroke. He thought of his father's overweight figure in his hometown, and the thought "he might die of a stroke" came to his mind, so he thought of "reasonable concerns." , and it is really reasonable for this kind of worry to be incorporated into the dream. The scene in the dream is a conscious reflection of the subconscious mind. As for the stroke of the doctor's father, in addition to his own physical factors, maybe it was because of the close connection between father and son. In some way, the doctor felt his father's pain.

In addition to "subconscious forward thinking", we also need to consider the "subconscious insight" in dreams, which can be divided into two types: physiological and psychological. In the book "Dreams and Nightmares", Dr. Hafed mentioned a "precognitive dream" that may be a combination of both:

A man dreamed several times that his arms and mouth were in a state of spasm due to paralysis. A few months later, his dream came true. When he was repairing the radio, his hand suddenly became partially paralyzed. After a check-up at the hospital, it was discovered that his paralysis was a complication of syphilis.

What is puzzling is why the patient had warning signs of complications of syphilis in his dream a few months ago? From a physiological point of view, although syphilis is secreted and cannot be seen on the outside, the patient Your body may have been damaged. You may have been slightly attacked in the past, and your subconscious mind may have felt something is wrong with your body. As a result, the subconscious mind will associate these symptoms that are too small to be noticed by the conscious mind with past behaviors. In this way, subconsciously, the patient may have worries about contracting syphilis. In the dream, these worries become active. In the dream, It indicates a future syphilis attack.

As mentioned earlier, physiological stimulation can become the material and source of dreams. There are very rich neural connections between the human brain and body. When there are pathological problems in the body, during the day because people focus their main energy on dealing with work and life, the nerve reflex signals from the body will be suppressed, and some minor symptoms will not be noticed. This is why when people concentrate, You will forget about itchy skin or body pain. But subconsciously, no matter how small the physical condition is, it will be noticed and recorded. After resting at night, the repression is relaxed, and the subconscious mind replaces the conscious mind and dominates the body. At this time, the nerve signals from the body are received by the brain tissue. The subconscious mind activates the memory points in the corresponding areas of the cerebral cortex and connects them with each other to evolve. Become a dream. These dreams are symbolic expressions of weak signals before or during the occurrence of physical diseases. Therefore, they have the function of predicting and reflecting diseases of the body and internal organs, and can maintain physical health through dream analysis. At night, our sensitivity to external stimuliThe sensibility is weakened and becomes more sensitive to stimulation from the internal organs. Swiss psychologist Jung believed that dreams can "call our attention to the initial unhealthy state of the body." This is the case.

American psychologist Fromm also mentioned a "precognitive dream" containing psychological insight:

On one occasion, Sasse and Richard met to discuss cooperation in their future careers. Sass had a good impression of Richard, so he decided to treat Richard as his business partner. The night after the meeting, Sasse had the following dream: "I saw Richard sitting in the office we shared. He was looking through the account books and tampering with some numbers on the account books in order to cover up the fact that he had embezzled a large amount of public funds." After Si woke up, he felt that the dream was caused by his hostility and suspicion towards Richard. He forgot about the dream and formally cooperated with Richard in business. A year later, Sass discovered that Richard had indeed embezzled a large amount of public funds without authorization and had falsified accounts to cover up this behavior.

Fromm believes that the prophetic nature of the dream may represent Sass's insight into Richard when they first met - Sass's subconscious saw Richard's untrustworthiness from the beginning. . Our impression of a person is not as simple as we would like to believe. Sass intuitively believed that Richard was a dishonest person, but Richard's external image gave Sass a very good impression. So he suppressed the bad thought "Richard is dishonest" (it is always not good to suspect others from the beginning). This suppressed thought was difficult to surface when thinking clearly, but it was active in night dreams, resulting in Dreams of a prophetic nature.

In addition to reflecting subconscious forward thinking and subconscious insight, "prophetic dreams" also have a mysterious side. A person who cares about the omens a dream provides may also make the dream a "self-fulfilling prophecy."

The story about the great scholar Zhu Zhu in the early Qing Dynasty in the notebook novel "Qiu Deng Cong Hua" says that Zhu Zhu liked to eat duck meat very much. When he was young, he dreamed that when he was walking through the countryside, he saw a large pool with duck meat. There were thousands of ducks, and the boy watching them said to him: "Sir, this is your life's food." Later, when Zhu Zhu was 81 years old, he was bedridden due to a minor illness, and he dreamed of returning to the place he had dreamed about in his youth. At the big pool, I found that there were only two ducks left in the pool. When he woke up, he felt something ominous and warned his family not to cook or kill any more ducks. Unexpectedly, her daughter just came back to visit the doctor. Knowing that her father liked duck meat, she slaughtered two ducks at home and brought them specially to honor her father. When Zhu Zhu saw the two cooked ducks, he sighed: "Is my life going to end here?" He died that night.

This is a "self-fulfilling prophecy". Zhu Zhu believed in the prophecy in his dream and warned his family not to kill ducks again, but "man is not as good as God." When he saw the two ducks sent by his daughter, his psychology The defense collapsed, and perhaps that was what worsened his condition and his death. This shows that many ancient people firmly believed that some prophetic dreams were inevitable. God wanted people to die, but people couldn't.Immortality, forcing oneself to defy heaven, is ultimately futile.

There is an article called "Niu Fei" in "Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio": "A villager bought a cow, which was quite strong. One night, A dreamed that the cow had wings and flew away. He woke up Feeling that this was an ominous dream, he suspected that something would be lost, so he went to the market to sell the silver at a discount. On his way home, he saw an eagle eating by the roadside. The carrion of a dead rabbit. When A approached, the eagle was very tame and did not fly away, so he tied the cloth around the eagle's legs, wrapped it around his arm, and continued walking home. The eagle swooped again and again along the way. A certain person didn't pay attention, and the eagle actually flew into the sky with a cloth wrapped in silver."

Here, the dream prophecy that "the cow grows wings and flies away" is indeed fulfilled symbolically. We can say that this is a person who received the hint of the dream and fulfilled the prophecy. But if A does not think that the dream is ominous and sells the cow, the cow will be lost in other ways. Some things foreseen in precognitive dreams are inevitable. It can even be said that taking actions because of foreseeing the future can easily lead to the future happening.

Dreams and thinking both require the use of images. They weave different images together and function as a memory chain, which greatly facilitates subsequent thinking and retrieval of the memory bank during dreaming. In the complicated information stimulation during the day, people are easily at a loss, lose focus, and develop blind spots. But when sleeping at night, some information that is more closely related to self-security and development will be stronger than other information, because they are always stored in areas related to or adjacent to security, and have long-established neural links. Dreams will also begin to build new neural pathways between themselves and their associated mental contents. This forms a very important dream. In other words, dreams play a role in sorting out the intricate reality of life, grasping the key points, reminding or warning the most important issues, and are helpful in eliminating blind spots in consciousness and predicting the future.

[Master’s characteristic dream analysis]

The above dream interpretations are general interpretations. If you need to know specific matters, you can ask a master to interpret your dreams based on your birth date and the scene when you dreamed:

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