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Differences in health status cause dreams to be stronger or weaker

Differences in health status cause dreams to be stronger or weaker

After we have a certain understanding of the principle of dream prediction, we need to analyze the dream in detail. The specific circumstances of dreams are not only affected by psychological factors, but also by physiological factors. In this way, in addition to predicting the future based on this, one can also judge a person's health status based on the strength and weakness of dreams.

It was only about half a century ago that medicine entered the field of dream research. When modern hospitals had advanced technical means to detect brain activity and brain structure, new theories about dream activity emerged one after another, showing a kind of contention among a hundred schools of thought. Case.

But the idea of ​​trying to use dreams to treat various human diseases did not start in modern times. The ancient Chinese had already started trying. For the ancient Chinese, they believed that dreams were important for guiding the future and curing fatal illnesses. The ancient Chinese used dreams to make great achievements in diagnosing and treating diseases. Generally, dreams with difficulty breathing and dreams full of death terror indicate that the blood vessels of the human body's brain or heart are in danger of being blocked; recurring dreams of all or part of one's body being paralyzed is a sign of poor blood circulation; and always dreaming of waterfalls , water spray, rapids, etc. are signs of anemia. Wizards in the Yin and Shang Dynasties believed that some terminally ill patients would see the god of healing appearing in human form when they slept at night. They might also see gods or even animals, all of which were sacred things. Shamans believed that their illnesses would be cured by having appropriate dreams, and then interpreting the dreams and diagnosing or prescribing treatments accordingly. Many people in ancient China believed that dreams had the ability to cure diseases. This explanation was also mentioned in "The Interpretation of Dreams by Duke Zhou", making this work an important research material in this area.

Although some scientists believe that there is still little evidence to prove that dreams have the ability to cure diseases, other medical researchers are still studying whether dreams have diagnostic and therapeutic effects. They put patients to sleep in the lab and then conducted research. Other psychologists believe that dreams have diagnostic powers and that mental or other physical and mental disorders may manifest themselves in dreams. It is known from clinical report cases that dreams can predict diseases, and dreams and symptoms will appear at the same time. They imply different disease phenomena and even show methods of treatment.

Some researchers have discovered that the ancient medicine of China and ancient Greece, which are world-famous for their civilization, all have the knowledge and technology to use dreams to diagnose and treat diseases. Pathological phenomena hidden deep inside the human body are often hinted at through dreams. Among them, the relationship between dysfunction of the five internal organs in the human body and dreams is as follows:

Dreams about heart dysfunction: being chased by the undead, monsters, scary characters, etc. (suggesting blockage of blood vessels), fire, smoke, bad roads, and trappedDifficult journey, or fainting (suggesting poor blood circulation).

Dreams about pulmonary dysfunction: quarrels, wars, weapons, suffocation, strangulation, etc. (suggesting lack of oxygen and obstructed respiratory function).

Dreams about kidney dysfunction: overwork, low back pain, desperate swimming, submersion, drowning, sudden loss of teeth, hair, etc. (suggesting the weakening of the endocrine pipeline).

Dreams about spleen dysfunction: danger, duels, quarrels, gluttony, yelling, etc. (suggesting polyhydrosis).

Dreams about liver dysfunction: getting lost, virgin forests, dangerous mountains, being stuck in weeds and unable to get out, etc. (suggesting excessive blood juice or septicemia).

These are similar to some analyzes of dreams in Western culture. For example, before major physiological dysfunction occurs in the heart, blood vessels, and arteries, the person concerned will have some nightmares about difficulty breathing, suffocation, or drowning; before mental disorder, people will have some strange and incredible fearful dreams; and before people have a stroke or paralysis, , will have oppressive dreams in which hands and feet are cut off, turned into stones, or limbs are cooled and paralyzed; etc. The medicine of ancient Greece and China is different from modern Western medicine which only focuses on technology and ignores the connection between body and mind. Unlike modern Western medicine which only focuses on parts of the body and ignores the connection as a whole. Ancient Greek and Chinese medicine explored the subtle relationship between consciousness and the body from human sleep and dreams, and explored how mental conditions and their activity processes affect human health. Ancient Greek and Chinese medicine looked for therapeutic dream elements by examining dreams and encouraging people to dream.

Using dreams to predict diseases is a new theoretical research trend in the British medical community. It was proposed by Robin Royce, a British psychiatrist and psychological counselor. During his clinical treatment, he has collected more than 400 dreams so far, and found that nearly 380 dreams are related to the client's disease. The following are several typical cases.

A middle-aged man sought treatment for occupational stress disorder, complaining of shoulder pain. In his dream he dreamed that he was riding on horseback and going hunting in the jungle. Suddenly he found two black panthers hiding in the woods. They started chasing him, but he couldn't hit them, and he felt more and more terrified. At this moment, one of the panthers rushed towards him and dug its claws into his shoulder, causing him to feel a stinging pain. He shouted loudly and woke up. The man was diagnosed with malignant skin cancer three months later, and the diseased area was exactly where he was scratched by the panther in his dream.

A housewife in her 40s lives a stable life, but often feels depressed. She always had a recurring dream, and every time she dreamed that two hands were slowly coming towards her throat, and the distance was getting closer and closer. Although she could not pinch her, it still felt very painful. It was later discovered that she had thyroid cancer, and the area where her finger was about to pinch was the cancer.

A young woman dreamed of being with her mother and two rabbits. The rabbits were healthy at first, but then one rabbit was injured and its leg was bleeding. In the dream she had a strong emotional bodyShe felt extremely sad about the rabbit because she felt that she liked them very much. Two weeks later, her mother suffered a stroke that left her unable to move her leg, which corresponded to the rabbit's bleeding leg.

Based on these cases, it can be concluded that the human mind has some kind of response to physical illness, and dreams are some kind of warning sent from the depths of the human spirit.

Jung said: "Dreams not only reflect our psychological state, but also reflect our physiological condition." We should not only use psychological theories, but also physiological theories to explain dreams. Because our dreams are all carried out on the base of the brain and are based on brain physiology, which shows certain information of the brain. The brain may receive signals that a certain part of the body's immune system is in poor condition and convert them into dreams. Therefore, some dreams can be used to predict diseases, and some dreams can even predict the occurrence of diseases. Therefore, we must make use of dreams to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases in our bodies as early as possible.

If such a transformation mechanism really exists, then deciphering this mechanism will be as successful as Einstein's theory of relativity, but the technical means of analyzing these dreams will become very complicated. Because the brain is a virtual reality generator that can create events in dreams that resemble the external environment. As mentioned earlier, associations in dreams can make the meaning of dreams unclear. At this time, special dream interpretation methods are needed to interpret the meaning of dreams. This will also be something we will cover in later chapters.

[Master’s characteristic dream analysis]

The above dream interpretations are general interpretations. If you need to know specific matters, you can ask a master to interpret your dreams based on your birth date and the scene when you dreamed:

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