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Dream interpretation, the most mysterious art of divination

Dream Interpretation, the most mysterious art of divination

Everyone has to dream. Dreams are innate and accompany people throughout their lives. As long as the human brain's thinking ability is still there, dreams will last forever. Dreaming does not distinguish between high and low, old and young, high and low, male and female, Chinese and foreign, but the content of the dream is different. Dreams are commonplace yet mysterious, both illusory and real. If the dream is an illusion, the characters and events in the dream will be vividly visible after waking up; if the dream is a representation of reality, it will be difficult to find anything consistent with the dream after waking up. Sometimes if you think about it one day, you will dream about it at night; sometimes if you see something in your dream, you will encounter it during the day. Of all the mysteries in the world, none are more fascinating than those that come from the human heart, and dreams are the gateway to this mysterious kingdom. We can understand these phenomena in our own dreams, explore these mysteries and revelations, and be our own psychoanalysts. When we have a deeper understanding of ourselves and our hearts, we can find instructions for the future and feel great joy and joy.

Dreams have the characteristics of privacy, mystery, and secrecy. There are two riddles that illustrate this phenomenon:

One person can do it alone, two people cannot do it;

As long as you don’t talk about it, others won’t be able to tell.

One person can do it, but two people cannot do it;

Everyone can do it, but no one can do it together.

The answer to both riddles is "dream".

Maybe they are deeply attracted by the charm of dreams. Many philosophers and writers in history have explored the mysterious phenomenon of dreams. Based on their understanding of memory, the ancients discovered that there are three types of memory. Today's breakfast dishes are the memory of things that actually happened; the correct decision that was only remembered after a certain time has passed is the memory of things that may have happened but did not come true; wind and rain The giant black dragon in the middle spits out thunder and lightning, which is a memory of something that is purely imaginary. Dreams are entangled among these three, sometimes illusory and sometimes real. Dreams are so mysterious. For centuries, people have been exploring the mysteries of dreams.

It is said in ancient poems: "We have sex together when we are awake, but we are separated when we are drunk"; it is said in Buddhist scriptures: "We are one world when we are awake, and we are one world when we are dreaming; we are with others when we are awake, but we have our own world in dreams"; Zhuangzi said "In the past, Zhuang Zhou dreamed of a butterfly, and it was a lifelike butterfly. He described himself as suitable for his will! He didn't know the Zhou. Suddenly he realized that he was like a Zhou. He didn't know that Zhou's dream was a butterfly. The butterfly's dream was Zhou and. Zhou and the butterfly must be together. There is a difference. This is called materialization. "Life is like a dream, and dreams are like life. These tangled questions are the "Tao" that ancient Chinese philosophers pondered and pursued. Most of the various schools of thought have paid attention to the incomparably mysterious dream. The Confucian Book of RitesThere are dozens of types of dreams. The Taoist "Lieh Zi" also classifies dreams. The medical doctor's "Huangdi Neijing" also classifies dreams and diseases. Buddhists often use dreams as metaphors. Throughout the ages, there are countless people who have tried to interpret dreams and explore the avenue.

Hong Mai's "Rong Zhai Essays" said: "The Han Dynasty's "Yi Wen Zhi Qi Lue" miscellaneously accounted for eighteen families, headed by the two books of Huangdi and Gande Mengzhan. It said: "The miscellaneous accountants record the images of hundreds of families." , waiting for the evidence of good and evil, all accounts are different, and dreams are the most important, so Zhou Li Taidivination has three methods of dreaming: one is called dreaming, the other is called dreaming, and the third is called Xianzhi. It was written by the Empress of Mengxia and the Dream Merchants. Those who spoke of it were all dreamed by Xianzhi. The people of Zhou Dynasty made it as an official. They used the sun, moon and stars to predict the good and bad luck of the six dreams. They were called Zheng, Yu, and Yu. It is said to be thoughtful, said to be happy, and said to be fearful. In Ji Dong, Wang Meng offers auspicious dreams to the king, and the king pays homage to them, giving them away to those who have bad dreams. According to "Poems", "Books" and "Book of Rites", King Wu of Zhou Dynasty dreamed of Emperor Meng and Jiuling, who dreamed of conquering Zhou. King Xuan of the Zhou Dynasty had a dream about herding, and the shepherd had a dream of a bear and an adder. He is an old man, and he has many books on dream interpretation. "Zuo Zhuan" has many books about Confucius' dream. It may have happened from time to time, but today people no longer pay attention to it. Although this divination is a fool in the market, it is like a forest, and there is no one who can claim to be a dream divination, and his knowledge is almost dead."

It is mentioned here that the ancients classified dream interpretation into divination. This does not mean that dream interpretation is superstitious dross. The theory of ancient dream divination is scientific, and the ancients can intuitively understand some things from their life experiences. The meaning of dreams can also be found in the meanings of some commonly used symbols, and even some of its dream interpretation methods are in line with psychological principles. Most of them seem fatalistic, and to a certain extent there is some truth to them. For example, "Dreaming about being blind means that you cannot trust your relatives and friends, nor your wife and children." Among the many meanings of dreaming about being blind, one does mean "blindly trusting others."

In ancient life, dream interpreters had the supreme status. "Many are not equal, but dreams are the greatest." In other words, the ancients believed that dreams were an important means of predicting the future, so much so that they had to set up special official positions for very wise people to interpret dreams. Dream interpretation is a branch of divination and an important component of divination. It is a method of predicting good or bad luck based on the omens seen in dreams. Sun Zhenren's "Tiaoshen Lun" said: "All dreams are caused by ghosts suffocating the body and unable to flow. At night, the soul is empty and quiet, and the gods tell good and bad things from the direction, so dreams arise; before midnight, the dream should be far away, and after midnight Dreams should be near." (Dreams are caused by spirits, thoughts, wishes, desires, emotions, etc. being blocked in the body and unable to flow and vent. At night, people's spirits are pure and peaceful, and the gods tell them where to go. If something is good, there is something bad, so you will dream. The things you dream about in the first half of the night are more mysterious, and the things you dream about in the second half of the night are more recent.)

It is also mentioned here that the inventor of dream interpretation was Huangdi, who experienced the development of Xia and Shang Dynasties.Development, in the hands of the Zhou people, that is, the Duke of Zhou, dream interpretation was carried forward. Confucius also attached great importance to dream interpretation, that is to say, "the ancient sages all regarded dreams as the most important thing." However, it is a pity that during the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, rituals collapsed and music collapsed, and many magical skills were lost, and dream interpretation was no exception. Although future generations have retrieved it from ancient books, they are no longer as good as their predecessors. Through dreams, they can know the yin and yang of the heaven and earth, understand the misfortunes and blessings of all things, peer into the great road, and have a long-term vision. Current dream interpretations can only provide vague predictions of the future.

Careful examination of the origins of dream interpretation can deepen our understanding of dream interpretation.

[Master’s characteristic dream analysis]

The above dream interpretations are general interpretations. If you need to know specific matters, you can ask a master to interpret your dreams based on your birth date and the scene when you dreamed:

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