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Huangdi, the ancestor of dream interpretation

The Yellow Emperor, the ancestor of dream interpretation

In China, dream interpretation has a long history. Just as many outstanding inventions are attributed to Huangdi, one of the ancestors of the Chinese people, it is said that Huangdi Xuanyuan wrote the "Dream Divination Sutra" and was the earliest inventor of dream interpretation. . Huangfu Mi of the Han and Wei dynasties recorded in "Century of Emperors":

"The Yellow Emperor dreamed that strong winds would blow away all the dirt and grime in the world, and he also dreamed of people wielding powerful crossbows to drive thousands of sheep." After waking up, Huang Di analyzed himself: "The wind is the command, and the ruler is the one who governs; the dirt is removed, and the successor is behind. "Is there anyone in the world whose surname is Feng? He has a thousand-strong crossbow, and he can drive thousands of sheep and do good to the people. Is there anyone in the world who is named Li?" So he followed the instructions given to him in the dream. Tip, I found two famous ministers, Fenghou and Limu.

The Yellow Emperor not only obtained wise ministers by interpreting dreams, he also won wars based on dream interpretations. The legendary "The Yellow Emperor's Military Strategy" records that the Yellow Emperor made war decisions based on the talisman given by the Queen Mother of the West in his dream.

The Yellow Emperor was attacking Chiyou, and he dreamed that the Queen Mother of the West sent a man in black fox fur to tell him: "Tai Yi is in front, and the sky is in preparation for the rear. When the river comes out, the battle will be over." Huang Di woke up and did not understand this. What does it mean? Tell Fenghou and Limu. Fenghou and Limu said: "This is the right army to fight, and the battle will be won." So Limu and Huangdi went to the side of Shengshui and set up an altar to pray. At this time, a big black turtle swam out of the water with a military talisman in its mouth and swam towards the Yellow Emperor. Huangdi picked up the military talisman and loudly announced to the soldiers that he had dreamed of the gods' prophecies. Now, the gods' prophecies have come true, and this war will definitely be won. The soldiers heard this and their morale was boosted. In the end the war was won.

"Bing Ying" means that there will be a war and the gods will respond to the dream. "The battle will be won" is the conclusion drawn from the direct interpretation of Huangdi's dream. Since the talisman in the Yellow Emperor's dream was only an illusion, and the talisman was actually obtained after a grand sacrifice, the Yellow Emperor prepared for war according to the wishes of the Queen Mother of the West in the dream, and finally defeated Chi You and founded the Chinese civilization.

After the Yellow Emperor ruled the Central Plains, he revered Chi You as the God of War (the God of War before the Tang Dynasty was Chi You) and asked the people not to forget the hardships and dangers of war; at the same time, he dictated the "Dream Sutra" for later rulers. , as an important book for predicting the future and governing the country. This book was still circulated in the Western Han Dynasty and was recorded in the "Book of Han". Unfortunately, due to the war, this wonderful book disappeared in the long river of history.

[Master’s characteristic dream analysis]

The above dream interpretations are general interpretations. If you need to know specific matters, you can ask a master to interpret your dreams based on your birth date and the scene when you dreamed:

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