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Legoft: Dreams carry real messages

Legoft: Dreams convey real messages

Charles Rycroft is one of the famous contemporary British psychoanalysts. He summarized his 30 years of medical experience and feelings, trying to answer questions that have not been solved by existing dream theory. , striving to gain the best of others and create a relatively complete dream theory.

Legoft believes that dreaming is self-communication, so as long as you understand the intention used in dreaming, you do not need to seek the sympathy of others. The dreamer can add a meaning that only he understands to an intention at will, and use this intention to express his own thoughts and feelings. The meaning of intentions is temporary and is given by the individual. The meaning of these unit intentions depends on its role in the overall dream structure.

Legoft also believes that dreams are meaningful. The reason why most dreams cannot be understood is because the self when dreaming looks at problems from an eternal, infinite and comprehensive position, and has a certain influence on the entire self. A deeper understanding that the information it conveys originates from the true self, and still retains certain true qualities that have been abandoned and suppressed by the sober self. The dreaming self only accepts this information from a limited, partial, and specific stage position. It is unwilling to listen to the opinions of the dreaming self, because these opinions are not welcomed by it and are disturbing. Distraught, it was afraid that it would take the dreaming self's words too seriously and affect its own existence.

Legoft believes that dreamers use their imagination to create a series of meaningful events. The purpose of dream interpretation is to find out the reason for this behavior, to figure out what he means by this behavior, and what thoughts, feelings and opinions he wants to tell himself or others.

Like other mysteries of mankind, although the study of dreams has a long history, we still have many mysteries about it, but we believe that we are getting closer to the truth. After integrating the wisdom of the past and present people, and integrating the Chinese and Western, the past Zhou Gong's dream interpretation was transformed into the modern Zhou Gong's dream interpretation, an empirical technique.

[Master’s characteristic dream analysis]

The above dream interpretations are general interpretations. If you need to know specific matters, you can ask a master to interpret your dreams based on your birth date and the scene when you dreamed:

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