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The code of messages conveyed by dreams

The password of dreams conveying information

Some people think that dreaming is like a child's scribblings, meaningless. But there are more people who believe that dreams are meaningful. For example, when people feel hungry during sleep, they will dream about food; when people are full, they will dream about looking for the toilet. In a sense, dreams are meaningful, they convey some kind of information to us.

•[Dreams are an indicator of physical condition] The traditional Chinese medical classic "Huangdi Neijing" also records: "If the Yin energy is strong, you will dream of wading in big water and be afraid; if the Yang energy is strong, you will dream of fire and burning, and even hunger. If you are very full, you will dream of giving. If the liver qi is strong, you will dream of anger." These discussions also illustrate that people's dreams are closely related to their physical condition and can be used as an indicator of physical condition to some extent.

•[Dreams can inspire inspiration] The human body does not rest during sleep, but is actively active. The brain systematically organizes the information accumulated throughout the day, selects key issues, and then stores them in various memory holes for reprocessing.

This helps us inspire our creations. Throughout human history, there are many people who have solved problems in their dreams. Inventor Elias Ho has long wanted to invent a machine to sew two pieces of fabric together, but has never been able to find the ideal solution. Once, he dreamed that African man-eating savages were chasing him, and there was a small hole in the upper part of the spear held by the savages. After he woke up, he had a flash of inspiration and invented a needle for sewing machines with holes.

•[Can dreams foretell good or bad luck] It may not be difficult to understand that dreams can predict physical conditions and inspire inspiration, but if dreams can predict the future or herald good or bad luck, many people will be skeptical. Dream experts often hear people say they have had dreams that can predict the future. Although so far, the scientific community has not confirmed whether dreams can predict good or bad luck, but various hypotheses have been put forward. For a long time, various interpretations of dreams have been limited to hypotheses, which shows that human beings' understanding of dreams is not deep enough, and can even be said to be quite superficial. There are still many gaps in the science of dreams, but no matter what, we cannot deny that dreams are opening up the future. The "storage room" of a person's inner memory is a "window" opening to the external signal space.

[Master’s characteristic dream analysis]

The above dream interpretations are general interpretations. If you need to know specific matters, you can ask a master to interpret your dreams based on your birth date and the scene when you dreamed:

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