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The connection between dreams and real life

In real life, when we are doing something, we often have a feeling of "déjà vu". This situation seems to happen to everyone, so what does this mean? In ancient times, when there was no theory, this situation would be explained by the principle of "the perfect person has no dreams". There is no difference between dreams and reality. We live in both dreams and reality. . According to my personal understanding, reality and dreams overlap, just like what we often call time and space collision. Dreams and reality are two different time and spaces. If dreams are compared to the future and reality is compared to the present, then when the time and space of dreams and reality collide and overlap, it will give us a feeling of "déjà vu".

In fact, there is an interrelated relationship between "déjà vu" and what we often say, "Think about it every day and dream about it at night." According to modern scientific theory, the explanation of "déjà vu" and "thinking every day and dreaming every night" can be divided into two aspects.

First: theoretical explanation.

"Deja vu" means that we experience what we have done in dreams from the perspective of real life, while "thinking about things every day and dreaming about them at night" means that we understand thoughts in reality through dreams. The relationship between the two is opposite and related. On the contrary, it is because "déjà vu" is the misleading effect of dreams on reality, while "thinking about it every day and dreaming about it at night" is the emergence of subconscious thoughts in reality induced by dreams.

The occurrence of both of these situations is inseparable from our brains. The brain will experience visual memory disorder at a certain period of time or at a certain moment. There is a place in the brain that is dedicated to storing memories. When we see or encounter something in real life or in a dream, the brain will first cache the memory of this thing. When we do a similar thing ourselves, When something happens, the brain will release this memory from the cache area, and then give us a feeling of "déjà vu", which will make us have ridiculous ideas such as having prophecies.

Second type: pressure explanation.

There are many news stories about hallucinations caused by stress in life, which have immeasurable consequences. Then "deja vu" and "thinking about it every day and dreaming about it at night" are also related to the pressure in real life. "Déjà vu" is caused by the pressure of real life, which causes the cerebral cortex to produce a subconscious activity to fabricate some things that have not been experienced before, and the brain will cache this fictitious thing as a memory. Then, when something we do in real life on a certain day is similar to the memory of the fictitious thing in our brain, coupled with the effect of psychological pressure, it will mislead us to produce "déjà vu".The feeling of "knowledge".

"Thinking about it day by day and dreaming about it at night" is because you have excessive thoughts and pressure on the generation of a certain thing in real life. This pressure may be caused by yourself or by external factors. Then when the pressure caused by this incident makes you have an escape mentality, the subconscious effect will make us unable to ignore the source of this pressure, which will cause us to express this incident in another way, and also This is what we often call dreams. Therefore, a situation of "thinking about things day by day and dreaming about things at night" is formed.

There is also a less scientific explanation for the occurrence of "déjà vu". "Deja vu" is the effect of changes in time and space or the way of remembering dreams. Because of the effect of time and space, things that will happen at a certain time are presented in dreams, but due to the influence of time and space, our memory of this period is relatively vague. Then when the time in reality reaches the same point as the time in dreams, the brain will actively release this memory that is blurred by time and space, causing us to have "déjà vu".

Every human being has endless desires and wishes, but due to the influence of reality, we have to store these desires in another way. When the warehouse storing these desires is full, they will be stored in another way. One way to realize these desires is the so-called "thinking about it day by day and dreaming about it at night".

Whether it is "déjà vu" or "thinking and dreaming every day" are caused by stress, but the occurrence of this situation will not affect our health, as long as people with healthy brains will This happens. But in order to prevent this from happening too much, we have a confused understanding of the way dreams and reality exist. You need to learn to channel the stress and emotions in your heart, reduce the impact of stress on the brain and nerves, and keep them relaxed when they should rest.

[Master’s characteristic dream analysis]

The above dream interpretations are general interpretations. If you need to know specific matters, you can ask a master to interpret your dreams based on your birth date and the scene when you dreamed:

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