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What does wet dream mean?

Every one of us dreams every day, and everyone’s dreams are different. Dreams will have a certain meaning, and they may also be deeply connected with reality. So is it good to dream about nocturnal emissions? What does wet dream mean? Does it have any moral meaning? The editor will give you an answer through the following article. Please take it as a reference and take a careful look.

To dream of having nocturnal emissions means that you should be careful about injuries to your bones and joints, as injuries may occur due to collisions. While having fun, you may also have unnecessary conflicts with others. If it's not a matter of principle, give in if you can, and don't be too insistent.

The meaning of dreaming about one’s own spermatorrhea

If a traveler dreams of nocturnal emission, it means that his departure may be delayed for three or four days.

When a pregnant person dreams of nocturnal emission, it indicates that she will give birth to a boy or a girl. If it is summer, the probability of giving birth to a girl is high.

If a person in love dreams of having nocturnal emissions, it means that more communication is needed in love, which is more beneficial to marriage.

People who are born in their zodiac year dream of nocturnal emissions, which means that they should not be too persistent in doing things, learn to be honest with others, and go out less often.

If a businessman dreams of nocturnal emission, it means that he will be supported by noble people when encountering difficulties, and he can turn disaster into good luck.

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A man dreams of nocturnal emissions indicates that he may go on a trip, or he may go with his family.

People who are waiting for exams dream of nocturnal emissions, which means that they can get good results and should avoid making some small mistakes.

If an unmarried person dreams of nocturnal emissions, it means that love is likely to be successful, and two people cannot go their own way.

Case analysis of dreaming about spermatorrhea

In "Menglin Xuanjie", dreaming about spermatorrhea means that the body is suffering from disease, deficiency of Qi and blood, and cold wind around the waist. You need to regulate your body in time, and you must be cautious, otherwise you may encounter a bigger problem. Trouble. Dreaming about nocturnal emissions is not a good thing, it is a precursor to physical illness.

As for dreaming about nocturnal emissions, the editor will tell you so much, and everyone should have a certain understanding. Wet dreams are something that is difficult to talk about and can make people feel embarrassed. However, it may be a sign that the body is about to get sick. If such a phenomenon occurs, you should pay more attention to it and go to the hospital regularly to check your body.

[Master’s characteristic dream scoreAnalysis】

The above dream interpretations are general interpretations. If you need to know specific matters, you can ask a master to interpret your dreams based on your birth date and the scene when you dreamed:

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