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Zhou Gong's Interpretation of Dreams: The bridge of the nose jumps in the middle

A jump in the middle of the bridge of the nose is a sign that you will lose money in your career in the near future. The nose is the husband star of women and the wealth star of men. A jump in the middle of the bridge of the nose is often a sign that you will lose money in the near future or quarrel with your lover.

Men's nose twitching means that you have been having a lot of troubles in your career recently, and you are entangled with others, which leads to depression in your career. For those who are in business, this feeling is a sign that you may be losing money in the near future. Investors or managers should see the direction of their business clearly and must not fight with others over trivial matters, which may lead to bankruptcies in the development of your business.

People who dance during the day will have depression and troubles in their careers. People who dance at night will have obvious signs of reduced wealth and loss of money.

If a woman has this sign, she has had a lot of quarrels with her lover recently, which will be detrimental to your relationship. If you have frequent quarrels recently, you should make some changes within yourself and do not blame all your faults on others. , it will make the relationship between you two even more unfavorable.

[Master’s characteristic dream analysis]

The above dream interpretations are general interpretations. If you need to know specific matters, you can ask a master to interpret your dreams based on your birth date and the scene when you dreamed:

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