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Dreaming in the second half of the night is exactly the opposite

Dreams are often opposite to people's experiences, but they can also be thought about during the day and dreamed about at night, or they may be depressed in the heart and come from dreams. They are dreams that reflect what people are thinking in their hearts and indicate recent worries. Things, or bad experiences, are reflected in dreams.

Dreams in the second half of the night, the five elements represent Yang, most of the dreams in the second half of the night are similar to the real situation. Dreams in the second half of the night are mostly positive, and they are also related to people’s experiences in life. If a person happens to be in this period of time, If you are in a depressed state of mind, have unfavorable career development, and have troubles in life, this will also be reflected in your dreams.

Dreams in the second half of the night also represent a concentrated expression of people's troubles and depression in their careers.

There are many manifestations of emotional compounding in dreams, but it is difficult for you to reconcile with your loved one. This is because you have higher requirements for realistic factors in the dream, but instead have unrealistic life and escape from reality in love. Then your love is fruitless, and stopping losses in time is the best way to deal with your feelings.

[Master’s characteristic dream analysis]

The above dream interpretations are general interpretations. If you need to know specific matters, you can ask a master to interpret your dreams based on your birth date and the scene when you dreamed:

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