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What is the meaning of sleep dreams?

Dreams are a part of our lives. In dreams, we completely abandon the rules of daily life and travel in the world of dreams. Everything in dreams may confuse us or surprise us. In dreams, anything can happen: parents thousands of miles away come to us; two friends from different circles are actually talking; even relatives who have passed away appear in front of us, etc.

Dreams have endless mysteries, and exploring the mysteries of dreams is one of the frontier research areas of contemporary life sciences. So what is the dream?

"Modern Chinese Dictionary" explains: "Dreams are representational activities in the brain caused by the partial cerebral cortex not completely stopping activity during sleep."

The "Concise Dictionary of Biology" explains: "Dreams are a physiological phenomenon that occurs during sleep, characterized by complex, fragmented, and sometimes chaotic mental activities."

The "Dictionary of Modern Science and Technology" explains: "Dreams are a series of involuntary visual, auditory and kinesthetic representations, as well as emotional and thinking activities that occur in consciousness during sleep or a sleep-like state."

The "Concise Dictionary of Psychology" explains: "Dreams are a kind of negative involuntary imagination, which is a natural imagination that lacks the regulatory effect of the second information system."

The "Concise Encyclopedia Britannica" explains: "Dreams are representational activities that occur in the brain after falling asleep. There are different understandings of the nature of dreams, or they believe that dreams are a reflection of reality, a source of foresight, a spiritual feeling to cure illness, or Think that dreams are also a state of awakening, or regard dreams as a subconscious activity..."

Although researchers at home and abroad who are dedicated to dreams at all times and in modern times have many opinions on the definition of dreams, it is still difficult to give an accurate definition of "dream". We believe that dreams are a kind of representational activity in the mind caused by the fact that the local brain tissue (cerebral cortex) has not completely stopped excitatory activities while sleeping. The content of a person's dreams is related to the impression of life that remains in his consciousness when he is awake, but in dreams, the impression of life often becomes confused and unclear. Therefore, the content of dreams is always chaotic and illusory, expressed in the form of imagination or illusion.

[Master’s characteristic dream analysis]

The above dream interpretations are general interpretations. If you need to know specific matters, you can ask a master to interpret your dreams based on your birth date and the scene when you dreamed:

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