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How to see through people’s mentality through dreams

Scientific dream analysis can retrieve people's current mental state and emotional signals from dreams, thereby revealing your feelings that are not easily noticeable in the waking state, allowing people to adjust themselves purposefully and maintain a good mental state. .

The following 10 dreams reflect different mentalities.

1. wall

Dreaming about a wall means that you have a knot in your mind and are at a loss for something. Looking for an exit near a wall means you are trying to clear a psychological barrier.

2. Makeup

Dressing yourself up reflects your mood of hiding yourself. For example, putting on heavy makeup to meet your visiting mother means you have something you don't want your parents to know; on the contrary, going out without makeup and feeling ashamed to see people means you have shortcomings that you have nowhere to hide.

3. fly

Reflects the mood of wanting to be liberated from the pressure of life, or wanting to overcome difficulties by one's own strength. Inviting you to travel in the air with the opposite sex means that you want to relieve stress. Floating low in the air and having a fear of not being able to touch the ground with your feet means that you are anxious about not being able to use your abilities, and it also shows that you lack self-confidence.

4. Talk

In dreams, feeling and thinking are used as means of expression. Talking with people in a dream represents the process of thinking. Disagreement with others means that you have not yet sorted out your thoughts and are deeply troubled by things. You have to choose one of two things, but you have been unable to decide. Dreams about reaching a consensus with the person you are talking to represent confirmation of your own thoughts.

5. Clothes

Wearing different clothes will show different psychological states. For example, if a person who does not usually wear black clothes appears in black clothes in a dream, it means that you lack confidence in life and are looking forward to getting out of the trough. Dreaming that the colors of your shirt, skirt, and pants are incoherent indicates that you have opposing and contradictory emotions in your heart.

6. Ticket Gate

Places such as ticket gates and entrances mean that you are under heavy pressure from society. If you can't find a ticket before approaching the ticket gate, or are frightened because you haven't bought a ticket to your destination, it means you have little social experience and no confidence in yourself. In the same way, passing through the ticket gate unobstructed means that you hope you are more mature than you think, and you are eager for the approval of others.

7. Overseas travel

It means having an understanding of everything that is unknown. For example, when traveling overseas, you were able to communicate smoothly with foreigners, but suddenly you can't hear each other's voice and cannot communicate with others, which implies that you are afraid of the unpredictable future. Furthermore, traveling to undeveloped countries like Africa is more like adventure than travel. This dream indicates that you have strong curiosity.

8. Sewage

It means you are very regretful about what you have done. For example, washing clothes with sewage and not being able to wash them clean no matter what, means that you are trying your best to redeem the past, but you do not have enough confidence to make amends.

9. Catch a train

In dreams, you usually miss your train due to being late, which means that you are not confident enough in whether you can seize the current opportunity, or you are very anxious about something in front of you.

10. Hotel

Dreaming about staying in a hotel means that you have a strong interest in something or someone, are curious, and want to take risks. Entering a magnificent hotel indicates that you are eager to satisfy your curiosity and sense of adventure.

[Master’s characteristic dream analysis]

The above dream interpretations are general interpretations. If you need to know specific matters, you can ask a master to interpret your dreams based on your birth date and the scene when you dreamed:

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