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Why tadpole dreams hint at pregnancy

A woman dreamed that she and her husband were taking a pleasant walk by a fish pond in her hometown. There were many tadpoles in the fish pond, and people were catching them. The lady was very anxious when she saw them, but she couldn't explain why. She and her husband couldn't wait to join the tadpole catching team, imitating others to catch tadpoles, but they always couldn't catch them. The lady was very upset. At this time, a man came up, comforted them, and told them that they should divide the work and cooperate. The lady was waiting on one side with the bottle, while the husband had to go to the other side to chase the tadpoles so that he could catch them. The couple tried this method and indeed caught a tadpole. The man took one look at it and said, "You are so lucky. You caught a pregnant one!"

There is nothing strange about catching tadpoles in a dream. The key is that the last sentence about the tadpoles being pregnant is of great practical significance. Because this lady has been unable to get pregnant for many years, all she thinks about every day is how to get pregnant, and she even looks for remedies and treatments. In her dream, the image of tadpoles is actually a symbol of male sperm, and the bottle is a symbol of female genitals and ovaries, and the person who pointed them to catch the tadpoles may be the doctor or other person who helped them in reality. This is one of the things we often say, "thinking every day and dreaming at night." Because pregnancy is a woman's innate privilege, most of these dreams symbolize women's original desire to give birth, and during pregnancy For women who have such dreams, it may also be caused by a kind of uneasiness about whether the childbirth is safe or not.

We can get an explanation from this type of dream. We dream partly to obtain spiritual compensation. On the one hand, stressful physical and mental activities during the day can be relaxed in dreams, and energy can be restored in dreams to ensure that you can face a new round of stressful life the next day. Otherwise, being in a state of tension for a long time without recovery will lead to physical fatigue and mental depression, which is extremely detrimental to physical and mental health. On the other hand, people have many desires that cannot be satisfied when they are awake. This is the source of distress and boredom, and accumulation in the body is harmful to health. Dreams can sometimes make these desires come true in the mind, which to a certain extent alleviates the requirements of these desires and promotes psychological balance.

Through dreams, the subconscious mind can point out or supplement the deficiencies in conscious activities, make mental activities more perfect and fulfilling, and stabilize the entire psychological function. People can obtain necessary lessons from their dreams. Such dreams are beneficial to mental health. If used properly, they can make psychology and behavior more harmonious.

In fact, the above-mentioned pregnancy dream can not only be dreamed by pregnant women, but also by her husband, mother, mother-in-law and even other close relatives, because the event of pregnancy may attract everyone.At the same time, it will also reflect the psychological wishes of other people. For example, if your elder sister is pregnant and your younger sister also dreams about being pregnant, she may be looking forward to getting married and having children as soon as possible.

[Master’s characteristic dream analysis]

The above dream interpretations are general interpretations. If you need to know specific matters, you can ask a master to interpret your dreams based on your birth date and the scene when you dreamed:

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