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What are the dreams of ascension?

1. Dream Divination

"Jiang Taigong fishes - those who wish will take the bait", this is a well-known saying. Jiang Taigong's real name is Jiang Shang, and he is famous all over the world for his achievements in assisting King Wu of Zhou to destroy the Shang Dynasty and establish the Zhou Dynasty. He was reused not because of his unique fishing skills or connections, but because King Wen of Zhou got to know him in a strange dream, so that the word "dream divination" has since become an allusion to emperors seeking wise ministers.

2. Dream Knife

Wang Anshi, a politician in the Northern Song Dynasty, has a poem: "Walking on the West Road and chatting about class grass, I sit and recall Nanzhou dreaming of a sword." What does "dream sword" refer to? There is an allusion here: Wang Jun, a general of the Western Jin Dynasty, once In the dream, I saw two knives hanging on the beams of the bedroom, and then another one was added. After waking up, he asked someone to interpret his dream. Dream interpreters said that the three knives are the word "zhou". The original number is two, and the addition of one means "yi". It probably means that you will be sent to Yizhou to serve as an official. A few days later, Wang Jun was appointed as the governor of Yizhou. It is of course possible that the dream interpreter made a guess based on Wang Jun's wishes and coincided with the appointment of the imperial court. Since then, the term "Dream Sword" has become an allusion to the promotion of local officials.

3. Dream Corpse

In people's eyes, becoming an official is an auspicious and happy event, but the ancients used dreams of corpses as a sign of getting an official position. Why is this? The book "Shishuo Xinyu" gives this explanation: "Officials are originally stinky and rotten, and wealth is originally dung, so when you get it, you dream about coffins and corpses; money is originally dung, so when you get it, you dream about filth. ” Therefore, Su Dongpo, a writer of the Northern Song Dynasty, wrote in his poem: “If you are an official, you will die in battle, and if you dream of your corpse, you will get the official title.”

[Master’s characteristic dream analysis]

The above dream interpretations are general interpretations. If you need to know specific matters, you can ask a master to interpret your dreams based on your birth date and the scene when you dreamed:

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