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Canadian Ports: Introduction to Saskatoon Port

Saskatoon Port Map

The location of the Saskatoon port is shown on the map.

Saskatoon's geographical longitude: -106.6700458, latitude: 52.1332144. One of the major ports on the Canada Line

Saskatoon is a city in south-central Saskatchewan, Canada. North latitude 52.2 degrees, west longitude 106.7 degrees, altitude 501 meters. Across both sides of the Saskatchewan River, about 240 kilometers northwest of Regina. Saskatoon, this beautiful prairie city, is the product manufacturing and distribution center in western and central Saskatchewan, Canada. It is the second largest city and economic center in the province, about 250 kilometers away from the provincial capital Regina. Saskatoon is a new city. Inhabited only in 1890, the city was established in 1906. In 1970, it had about 135,000 people.

Saskatoon is an important shipping port in Canada. There are 165 ports in Canada, including 12 major ports, namely: Calgary (calgary), Montreal (montreal, qc), Port Rupert (prince rupert), Vancouver (vancouver, bc), Winnipeg (winnipeg), Halifax (halifax), Toronto (toronto, on), Edmonton (edmonton), Ottawa (ottawa, on), Ports of regina, saskatoon, hamilton, on.

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