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Canadian Port: Introduction to Aklavik Port

Aklavik Port Map

The location of Aklavik port is shown on the map.

Aklavik's geographical longitude: -135.007788, latitude: 68.219916. One of the major ports on the Canada Line

Aklavik is a settlement in Canada's Northwest Territories. In the heart of the Mackenzie River Delta. There are more than 600 residents, mainly Inuit (Eskimo) people. There is a Canadian government reindeer breeding station nearby. Hunting and leather and fur trading are the main economic activities of local residents.

Aklavik is an important shipping port in Canada. There are 165 ports in Canada, including 12 major ports, namely: Calgary (calgary), Montreal (montreal, qc), Rupert Port (Prince Rupert), Vancouver (Vancouver, BC), Winnipeg (Winnipeg), Halifax (Halifax), Toronto (Toronto, On), Edmonton (Edmonton), Ottawa (Ottawa, On) , Regina (regina), Saskatoon (saskatoon), Hamilton (hamilton, on) port.

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