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Canadian ports: Introduction to Montreal (montreal, qc) port

Montreal Port Map

The location of the Port of Montreal is shown on the map.

Montreal (montreal, qc) geographical longitude: -73.567256, latitude: 45.5016889. One of the major ports on the Canada Line

Montreal (MONTREAL, QC) is a commercial port in eastern Canada.

Located near the intersection of the middle reaches of the St. Lawrence River and the Ottawa River. The sea access is 838 nautical miles via Belle Isle Strait and 690 nautical miles via Cabot Strait. The St. Lawrence River leads to five major freshwater lakes and the Gulf of St. Lawrence, with a length of 960 kilometers. After comprehensive renovation in the 1950s, the water depth along the entire line is more than 8.2 meters, and 10,000-ton ships can reach the Great Lakes directly. Due to the water volume regulation of the Great Lakes, the water level of the waterway is stable, and the annual cargo volume is more than 40 million tons. The water channel below the Port of Montreal has a water depth of more than 10.9 meters and a sea-going ship with a draft of 10 meters. However, due to the cold current of the Labrador, there is a freezing period from December to early April of the following year, and navigation is not possible. Montreal is the largest transportation hub in eastern Canada, with 139 nautical miles to the Port of Quebec, 1,033 nautical miles to the Port of St. John's via the Cabot Strait, 986 nautical miles to Halifax, and 3,286 nautical miles to Colon City, Panama via the Windward Strait. Five railways intersect here, reaching the Port of St. John and Halifax in the east, Trois-Rivières and the Port of Quebec in the north, New York in the south, and Vancouver on the west coast of the mainland in the west. The port area starts from the Victoria Bridge upstream and extends for about 17 kilometers from southwest to northeast along the west bank of the river. There are about 50 terminals. The main terminals from upstream to downstream include: urban port area. There are two north-south harbor basins in the south and 19 berths with water depths of 7.6-9.14 meters along the edge. Among them, berths 7, 9, and 10 of Windmill Point Pier on the west side are used for loading and unloading. Grain and No. 12 berths are used for vehicle loading and unloading; there are three jetties extending eastward in the north, with a total of 16 deep-water berths with a water depth of 8.8-10.6 meters. Berths No. 3 and 5 on the south side of the Alexander jetty and Jack Cartil's No. 14 berth are used for grain. Loading and unloading. The market port area is a dock along the north and south sides of Jack Cartier Bridge, with 20 berths (berths 21-42) and a water depth of 7.6-10.6 meters. Lauriere, Tarte and Sudland Jetties each have 4 berths with a water depth of 9.1-9.9 meters, which are used for coastal trade, bulk sugar and grain loading and unloading. Berths No. 48-56, with a water depth of about 10 meters, are mainly used for grain loading and unloading. The dry bulk cargo terminal, namely berths No. 57 and 58, has a water depth of 9.1 meters, and berths No. 71 and 72 have a water depth of 10.6 meters. Container terminal, Racine terminal has 4 berths (berths 59-62), Cadillac terminal (berths 66-68, 70), BuChilwell Pier (berths 73 and 74), Tusker Pier (berths 78-80), Bickerdick Pier (berths 87-88), all have water depths of 9.1-10.6 meters. There are 20 tanker berths (No. 94-110). There are more than 120 berths in the port, including 14 container berths, most of which are deep-water berths. It has the largest number of bulk cargoes such as coal ore, ranking first in Canada and 31st in the world.

Quebec Province: The main ports are Quebec; Ottawa; Montreal

Montreal is an important shipping port in Canada. There are 165 ports in Canada, including 12 major ports, namely: Calgary (calgary) , Montreal (montreal, qc), port rupert (prince rupert), Vancouver (vancouver, BC), Winnipeg (winnipeg), Halifax (halifax), Toronto (Toronto, ON), Edmond Ports of Edmonton, Ottawa, Regina, Saskatoon, and Hamilton.

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