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Canadian ports: Introduction to St. Johns (st. johns, nl) port

St. John's Port Map

The location of St. John's Port is shown on the map.

St. Johns (st. johns,nl) geographical longitude: -52.7128315, latitude: 47.5605413. One of the major ports on the Canada Line

St. John's is a city in the northern part of the Avalon Peninsula southeast of Newfoundland (NL), Canada. The capital and largest city of Newfoundland and an important port. According to the 2001 census, the local population was 172,918. Facing the Atlantic Ocean, St. John's is the easternmost city in North America. Since the 17th century, Britain and France have fought fiercely for colonies here. The Signal Mountains National Park area is the site of the final decisive battle between Britain and France. It is located at the heart of the North Atlantic shipping route and in the center of the cod fishery. In the 16th century, it was a port of call for fishing boats from Europe. The industries are mainly fish processing, paper making, shipbuilding, lumber, and textiles. It has an oceanographic research center.

St. John's is an important shipping port in Canada. There are 165 ports in Canada, including 12 major ports, namely: Calgary (calgary), Montreal (montreal, qc), Port Rupert (prince rupert), Vancouver (vancouver, bc), Winnipeg (winnipeg), Halifax (halifax), Toronto (toronto, on), Edmonton (edmonton), Ottawa (ottawa, on), Ports of regina, saskatoon, hamilton, on.

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