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Canadian Port: Introduction to Riviere du Loup Port

Rivière-Duroux Port Map

The location of the Rivières-Duroux port is shown on the map.

Riviere du loup (riviere du loup) geographical longitude: -69.5359854, latitude: 47.835957. One of the major ports on the Canada Line

Rivière-du-Loup is located in the Canadian province of Quebec. It is a small city on the south bank of the St. Lawrence River. Its name comes from the nearby river. It is a stop between Quebec City and the Gaspé Peninsula. , renowned for its unique and spectacular sunset views.

Rivière-Duroux is an important shipping port in Canada. There are 165 ports in Canada, including 12 major ports, namely: Calgary, Montreal (qc), Port rupert, vancouver, bc, winnipeg, halifax, toronto, on, edmonton, ottawa , on), Regina (regina), Saskatoon (saskatoon), Hamilton (hamilton, on) port.

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