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Canadian Port: Introduction to Port Hawkesbury

Port Hawkesbury Harbor Map

The location of Port Hawkesbury is shown on the map.

Port Hawkesbury geographical longitude: -61.3585543, latitude: 45.6276473. One of the major ports on the Canada Line

Canadian seaport. It is located on the east coast of the south entrance of the Canso Strait between the Nova Scotia Peninsula and Cape Breton Island in the southeast of the country, with a maximum draft of 25.9 meters. The load density of water is 1025. The tidal range is 1.6 meters to 0.8 meters. Southwest wind prevails. Forced pilotage. Access contact: Radio Canso 2182 kHz, VHF channel 16. At Eddy's Point, there is a marine rescue center and shipping dispatch center. The Strait of Canso and the anchorage are controlled by the centre. Ships with a length of 20 meters and above should maintain radio contact with the center within 12 hours before entering the port area. Ships of over 50,000 tons must report to the center 24 hours in advance when entering the port and four hours in advance when leaving the port. Port service facilities include: ship repair, bunkering, dry docking, dinghy, medical, towing, sewage, fresh water supply, supplies and repatriation. The largest ship that can pass through the Canso Lock is 200 meters long, 29 meters wide, and has a draft of 8.5 meters. The locks are only open during the sailing season. From November to April of the following year, captains should consult the Sidney Ice Information Workstation. The water channel in Port Hawkesbury is about 6.1 meters deep, and the water depth at the front of the pier is about 5.5 meters. At the anchorage of Bay of Bates, Brittany Maritime Industries has two repair slips, which are: 47.2 meters long and 11.3 meters wide and 29.3 meters long and 9.1 meters wide. The port is open to navigation all year round. It can provide small warehouses, limited supplies, fresh water, 30,000 barrels of fuel oil in stock, and marine diesel supplied by truck. Nova Scotia Foster Industries' wharf is at Madden Point. The wharf is 129.5 meters long and the average water depth is 7.9 meters. It ships pulp and paper machinery without fuel supply. The Georgia Pacific Company's terminal is at Tupper Point, with a water depth of 9.8 meters, and can dock a 213-meter-long ship, which can transport gypsum and has no fresh water or fuel supply. Mulgrave Government Terminal, 290 meters long and 7.6 meters deep, carries pulp and general cargo and has no fuel supply. Gulf Oil Company's Canadian Marine Terminal is at Tupper Point, with 2 berths: Berth 1, with a water depth of 30.5 meters, can berth oil tankers of 25,000 to 450,000 tons; Berth 2 can berth 50,000-ton oil tankers, loading oil from Gulf Refinery Raw materials and products. The Canadian Offshore Oil Company also has a berth located at Peebles Point, with a water depth of 11 meters at low water levels. It can dock a 216-meter-long ship, load the oil company's products, and refuel the ship.

Port Hawkesbury is a CanadianThere are 165 major shipping ports in Canada, including 12 major ports, namely: Calgary (calgary), Montreal (montreal, qc), Prince Rupert (prince rupert), Vancouver (vancouver, BC) , Winnipeg, Halifax, Toronto, Edmonton, Ottawa, Regina, Saskatoon saskatoon), port of hamilton (on).

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