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US ports: Introduction to the port of Los Angeles (los angeles, ca)

Los Angeles Port Map

The location of the Port of Los Angeles is shown on the map.

Los Angeles (los angeles,ca) geographical longitude: -118.2436849, latitude: 34.0522342. One of the major ports on the US West Route

Los Angeles (LOS ANGELES) is located in San Pietro Bay on the Pacific coast in southwestern California. It has a total population of about 10 million and is the second largest city in the country. It is the largest industrial city and seaport in the west. The main industries are the aircraft manufacturing industry and the petroleum industry. The automobile, shipbuilding, electronic instrument, chemical, rubber, clothing and other industries are also very developed.

The Port of Los Angeles has more than 120 terminal berths and is the largest container handling port in the West. In 2004, container throughput was 7.2349 million tons, ranking eighth in the world. It mainly exports petroleum, machinery, fruits, and grains; and imports steel, rubber, wood, etc. Los Angeles is a tourist destination, and Hollywood in the north is the center of American film and television production.

Los Angeles is an important shipping port in the United States. There are 239 ports in the United States, mainly including: Atlanta (atlanta, ga), Baltimore (baltimore, md), Birmingham (birmingham, al), Boston (boston, ma) ), Charleston (charleston, sc), Charlotte (charlotte, nc), Chicago (chicago, il), Cincinnati (cincinnati, oh), Cleveland (cleveland, oh), Columbus (columbus, oh), etc.

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