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American Ports: Introduction to the Port of Olympia

Olympia Port Map

The location of the Port of Olympia is shown on the map.

Geographical longitude of Olympia: -122.9006951, latitude: 47.0378741. One of the major ports for inland point routes in the United States

The City of Olympia is the capital of the state of Washington in the United States and the county seat of Thurston County, Washington. The city was established on January 28, 1859. According to 2010 data, the city of Olympia has a population of 46,478. The city of Olympia covers only 50.97 square kilometers, but it is still one of the important cities in the Puget Sound region.

The city of Olympia is located at the southernmost tip of Puget Sound, covering an area of ​​46.15 square kilometers, of which 4.82 square kilometers is water. The city coordinate position is 47°2′33″N 122°53′35″W.

The climate of Olympia is maritime. Due to the influence of moist cold air formed in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska, Olympia has more cloudy and rainy weather. November to January every year is the season with the most precipitation in this area.

Olympia is an important shipping port in the United States. There are 239 ports in the United States, mainly including: Atlanta (atlanta, ga), Baltimore (baltimore, md), Birmingham (birmingham, al), Boston (boston, ma) ), Charleston (charleston, sc), Charlotte (charlotte, nc), Chicago (chicago, il), Cincinnati (cincinnati, oh), Cleveland (cleveland, oh), Columbus (columbus, oh), etc.

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