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Mexican ports: Introduction to Zamora de Hidalgo (zamora,mx) port

Zamora de Hidalgo Port Map

The location of the port of Zamora de Hidalgo is shown on the map.

Zamora de Hidalgo (zamora, mx) geographical longitude: -102.2834075, latitude: 19.9901766. One of the main ports on the Mexico route

Zamora Zamora de Hidalgo is a city in the central Mexican state of Michoacan with a population of 127,606. It is located in the northwest of the state and has an altitude of 1567 meters. It is the county seat of Zamora County, which has an area of ​​330.97 square kilometers and a population of 170,748 people.

Zamora de Hidalgo is an important maritime port in Mexico. There are 61 ports in Mexico, including 29 major ports, namely: Acapulco, Aguascaliente aguascalientes, altamira, cancun, celaya, ensenada, guadalajara, guaymas, Hermosillo, Lazaro Cardenas.

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