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Mexican Ports: Introduction to Guaymas Port

Guaymas Port Map

The location of Guaymas port is shown on the map.

Guaymas (guaymas) geographical longitude: -110.9089378, latitude: 27.9178651. One of the main ports on the Mexico route

Mexican commercial port. Located on the east coast of the Gulf of California in the west of the country, it has a maximum draft of 9.14 meters and a water load density of 1025. The tidal range is 1.82 meters and southwesterly wind prevails. The minimum water depth of the channel is about 10.97 meters, the average water depth of the outer harbor is also 10.97 meters, and the average water depth of the inner harbor is 7.31 meters. Port service facilities include: ship repair, bunkering, dinghy, towing, fresh water, supplies, repatriation, no dry dock and sewage discharge. ARDILLA pier is 107.89 meters long, with a forward draft of 5.48 meters and a rear draft of 7.92 meters. There are 4 jetties with berth length of 76.2 meters and front water depth of 8.23 ​​meters. There are 2 oil tanker terminals and oil tanker berths, with a length of 30.48 meters and a water depth of 9.14 meters at the front. Pier 4 is a newly built pier with a length of 198.12 meters and a maximum draft of 9.14 meters. There are 72 grain storage silos built on the new berth with a capacity of 60,000 tons.

Guaymas is an important maritime port in Mexico. There are 61 ports in Mexico, including 29 major ports, namely: Acapulco (acapulco), Aguascalientes ( aguascalientes), altamira, cancun, celaya, ensenada, guadalajara, guaymas, elmo Hermosillo, Lazaro Cardenas.

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