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Mexican ports: Introduction to Manzanillo (mx) port

Manzanillo Port Map

The location of Manzanillo port is shown on the map.

Manzanillo (mx) geographical longitude: -104.3384616, latitude: 19.1138094. One of the main ports on the Mexico route

MANZANILLO,MX: Port location: 19°49'0"N,71°38'0"W 

The Port of Manzanillo is located on the southwest coast of Colima, Mexico. It is the largest port in Mexico on the Pacific coast. The port has a seaport protected by a 700-meter-long north-south breakwater, forming a general cargo ship and a bulk carrier. , container ship and tanker berths. There are also two breakwaters in the harbor, one 400 meters long to the north and one 250 meters long to the south. The water depth in the port area is 14 meters. Cargoes handled at the port include: grain, groceries, petroleum, syrup and minerals. Port cargo throughput capacity: annual cargo throughput capacity is 13 million tons, containers are 458,000 TEU, and 1,262 ships arrive at the port annually. The maximum size of the ship: the total length of the ship is 250 meters. The largest ship ever loaded and unloaded at the port: "Matilde", with a gross tonnage of 53,208 meters, a total length of 297 meters, and a draft of 13.5 meters. ​

Load line markings: March 1 to June 30 and November 1 to November 30: North Pacific seasonal tropical zone load line; July 1 to October 31 and December 1 Until February 28/29: Summer load line. Estimated time of arrival (ETA): Arriving ships should notify the port of the expected arrival time 72 hours in advance, and further inform the port of the expected arrival time 24 hours and 12 hours before the ship arrives at the port. All information regarding the ship's expected arrival time should be sent out during working hours so that the port can make arrangements for ship loading and unloading operations at the port operations planning meeting held during the day. ​

Communications: The following radio stations are recommended for communication: Radio Stations on the West Coast of Mexico: International Stations and Mobile Radio Telephones (USA); Radio Stations on the East Coast of Mexico: Mobile Telephones, Radio Alabama; Radio Stations 24/7 Open communication services every hour. In addition, international maritime communication satellites can also be used for communication. Pilotage: The Port of Manzanillo implements mandatory pilotage for ships. The port provides pilotage services 24 hours a day, and ships should apply for pilotage 24 hours in advance before arriving at the port. ​

Tugboats: 3 tugs, with a maximum power of 4347 horsepower. ​

Ship repair:Shipyards in the Port of Manzanillo can undertake ship repair works. ​

Transportation: The nearest airport: International Airport, 48 kilometers away, with international flights available during the day.

Nearest railway transportation: The terminal berths are connected by railway lines.

Manzanillo is an important maritime port in Mexico. There are 61 ports in Mexico, including 29 major ports, namely: Acapulco, Aguascalientes aguascalientes), altamira, cancun, celaya, ensenada, guadalajara, guaymas, elmo Hermosillo, Lazaro Cardenas.

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