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Mexico Port: Introduction to Ensenada Port

Ensenada Port Map

The location of Ensenada port is shown on the map.

Ensenada's geographical longitude: -116.5963713, latitude: 31.8667427. One of the main ports on the Mexico route

A port on the Pacific coast of the northwest tip of Mexico. The maximum draft is 9.14 meters, and the load density of water is 1025. The tidal range is 1.82 meters and southwesterly wind prevails. From the entrance of the bay to the port, there is a channel with a depth of 198.72 meters, a width of 12.19 meters, and a water depth of 198.72 meters. The water depth at the entrance and outside the breakwater is 9.75; port service facilities include: ship repair, fueling, small boats, medical treatment, towing, fresh water, supplies, repatriation, no dry dock and sewage discharge. The deep-sea terminal is 155.4 meters long on the north side, 176.7 meters long on the east side, and the water depth at the front is 9.14 meters. Pier 2 is 204.2 meters long, with a water depth of 7.92 meters at the north end and 9.75 meters at the south end. The coastal pier is 481.58 meters long, with a front water depth of 4.57-7.01 meters. 1 "T" shaped jetty wharf, mainly used for cement loading and unloading. The warehouse area of ​​the deep-sea terminal is 650.3 square meters, the warehouse area of ​​the coastal terminal is 278.7 square meters, and the open-air storage area is 2,787 square meters.

Ensenada is an important maritime port in Mexico. There are 61 ports in Mexico, including 29 major ports, namely: Acapulco, Aguascalientes ), Altamira, Cancun, Celaya, Ensenada, Guadalajara, Guaymas, Hermosí About (Hermosillo), Lazaro Cardenas (Lazaro Cardenas).

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