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Mexico Port: Introduction to Aguascalientes Port

Aguascalientes Port Map

The location of the port of Aguascalientes is shown on the map.

Aguascalientes (aguascalientes) geographical longitude: -102.2915677, latitude: 21.8852562. One of the main ports on the Caribbean route

Aguascalientes is the capital of the Mexican state of Aguascalientes.

It is located near the Aguascalientes River in the Central Plateau of Mexico, with an altitude of 1884 meters. The climate is mild and rainless. There are hot springs nearby. Aguascalientes means "hot water" in Spanish. It is also called "Tunnel City" because of its maze-like network of tunnels. Founded as a mining town in 1575, it became the state capital in the 1850s. Irrigation is well developed and it is the center of the surrounding fruit and vegetable areas. There are metal smelting, textiles, railway vehicle repair, ceramics, tobacco, brewing and other industries.

The monument in the central square marks the very center of the country, from which all distances in Mexico are measured.

Aguascalientes is an important maritime port in Mexico. There are 61 ports in Mexico, including 29 major ports, namely: Acapulco, Aguascalientes aguascalientes, altamira, cancun, celaya, ensenada, guadalajara, guaymas , Hermosillo, Lazaro Cardenas.

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