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American ports: Introduction to the port of Philadelphia (philadelphia, pa)

Philadelphia Port Map

The location of the Philadelphia port is shown on the map.

Philadelphia (philadelphia,pa) geographical longitude: -75.1652215, latitude: 39.9525839. One of the major ports on the US East Route

Philadelphia is located in southeastern Pennsylvania in the United States. It is the central city of the Delaware Valley Metropolitan Area. The urban area starts from the Delaware River in the east and extends to the west of the Schuylkill River, covering an area of ​​334㎞². Philadelphia is one of the oldest and most historic cities in the United States. It was the capital of the United States from 1790 to 1800 before the founding of Washington, D.C., so it plays a very important role in American history. Philadelphia, also known as the "Friendly City", is the largest city in Pennsylvania, separated from New Jersey by a river; it is the fifth largest city in the United States, second only to New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston; it is the fourth largest metropolitan area in the United States, only After New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. The urban population of Philadelphia is 1,553,165 (2013), and the metropolitan area has a population of more than 7.15 million (2013). Philadelphia is strategically located, about 160 kilometers (2 hours' drive) from New York to the northeast, and about 220 kilometers (3 hours' drive) from the capital Washington, D.C., to the southwest. Philadelphia is the largest economic city in Pennsylvania. In 2013, the economic output value (GDP) of the Philadelphia economic circle was US$420.768 billion, ranking 7th in the United States. It is the third largest economic city in the eastern United States after New York and Washington. The Port of Philadelphia is one of the largest estuary ports in the world. There are canals connecting the Delaware River and the Chesapeake Bay, with a free trade zone covering an area of ​​about 29 hectares. There are 6 bridges across the Delaware River in the large urban area, connecting with towns in New Jersey on the other side. Philadelphia International Airport is located 12 kilometers southwest of the city center and ranks among the top in the country in terms of passenger and cargo volume. In November 2015, Philadelphia was listed as a World Heritage City, becoming the first American city to be listed as a World Heritage City.

Philadelphia is an important shipping port in the United States. There are 239 ports in the United States, mainly including: Atlanta (atlanta, ga), Baltimore (baltimore, md), Birmingham (birmingham, al), Boston (boston, ma) ), Charleston (charleston,sc), Charlotte (charlotte,nc), Chicago (chicago,il), Cincinnati (cincinnati,oh), Cleveland (cleveland,oh), Columbus (columbus,oh))wait.

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