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European Ports: Introduction to Bergen Port

Bergen Port Map

The location of Bergen port is shown on the map.

Bergen's geographical longitude: 5.3220544, latitude: 60.3912628. One of the main ports for inland routes in Europe

Bergen-bergen is located on the southeast coast of BY Bay in KROSS Bay on the southwest coast of Norway (full name: THE KINGDOM OF NORWAY), on the southeast side of the Norwegian (NORWEGIAN) Sea. It is the largest seaport in Norway. Founded in 1070, it is Norway's traditional shipping, fishing and commercial center. Its main industries include shipbuilding, fish product processing, textiles, metallurgy, chemical and machinery manufacturing, etc. It has a large merchant fleet and fishing fleet, and is also a manufacturer of canned fish. Production center. It is a cultural and educational center. The port has many cultural and scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, various museums and libraries, and famous dramatists, composers and violinists who enjoy world reputation. There are historical monuments such as cathedrals, palaces and castles from the 12th to 13th centuries, which are also tourist attractions. The port is about 22km from the airport, and there are flights to Europe and the United States every day. The port has a north temperate maritime climate with prevailing east-southeast winds. The annual average temperature is about -1℃ in winter, with a minimum of -7℃, and about 19℃ in summer, with a maximum of 26℃. There is generally no ice in the harbor in winter, except for severe storms and cold waves. The average rainfall throughout the year is about 1000mm. The high tide of a major flood is 1.4m and the low tide is 0.2m; the high tide of a minor flood is 1.1m and the low tide is 0.5m. The main terminal berths in the port area are as follows: terminal name berth (number) shoreline length (m) maximum water depth (m) GENERAL CARGO (general cargo) 6 1250 10 BULK CARGO (bulk cargo) 4 764 11 CONTAINER (container) 2 570 9 OIL QUAY (Oil terminal) 8 2050 24 20 4634 Loading and unloading equipment includes various shore cranes, movable cranes, floating cranes, container cranes, winches and ro-ro facilities, among which the shore crane has a maximum lifting capacity of 50 tons, and the movable crane The maximum extension is 30m, and the axle load of the roll-off ramp reaches 60 tons. There are also oil pipelines with diameters of 152.4 to 203.2 mm for loading and unloading oil. The unloading rate of the winch is 140 tons per hour. There are railway lines on the wharf, which can directly transport goods to various destinations. The area of ​​warehouses and cargo sheds on the dock reaches 170,000 m∧. The main imported goods are grain, coke, flour, petroleum, salt, sugar, coffee, fruits and groceries, etc. The main export goods are fresh fish, canned fish, dried fish, fish oil, paper, pig iron, textiles, talc, electrical machinery and furniture, etc. In 1993, container throughput was 12,000 TEU. The annual cargo handling capacity is about 25 million tons, and half of the country's fish and fish products are shipped through Hong Kong. Among the holidays, Easter Eve, Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve are all half-holidays.

Bergen is an important maritime port in Norway. For more information about Norwegian ports, please refer to the list below.

Europe is located to the west of Asia and is part of the Eurasian continent. Its north, west and south sides are bordered by the Arctic Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea respectively, and its east and southeast are adjacent to Asia, just like a large peninsula protruding westward from the Eurasian continent. From the perspective of sea and land position, Europe faces the Atlantic Ocean, has its back to the hinterland of Asia, and is located on the west coast of the continent. The main ports of European routes are: FELIXSTOWE UK, HAMBURG Germany, ANTWERP Antwerp Belgium, ROTTERDAM Rotterdam Netherlands, LE HAVRE France, BREMEN Bremen Germany, SOUTHAMPTON Southampton UK, ZEEBRUGGE Zeebrugge Belgium , THAMESPORT UK, BREMERHAVEN Germany, GIOIA TAURO Italy.

Among them: FELIXSTOWE UK, HAMBURG Germany, ANTWERP Antwerp Belgium, ROTTERDAM Rotterdam Netherlands, LE HAVER Le Havre France. These five ports are often called European basic ports, also called European ports.

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